The 70th Cannes Film Festival Double Award -Beautiful Day- starring Joaquin Phoenix.

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Did you take a look at the 70th Cannes Film Festival Screenplay Award and Actor Award and “Double Beautiful Day” awarded?

Director · Screenplay · Production: Lynn Ramsey
Music: Johnny Greenwood
Cast: Joaquin · Phoenix / Ekaterina · Samsonov / Judith · Roberts

Written by Lynn Ramsey, who directed the director, screenwriter and producer of the screenplay award.
The actor Joaquin Phoenix, who starred for the actor award, also won the award.

I watched this movie three times.
And more and more, I liked this movie more and more.

Maybe it is the most favorite, nice, fleeting and difficult movie than any of the movies I saw this year.


“Beautiful Day” trailer

“Beautiful Day” Story

A lonely man and a girl who lost everything. That day, two broken hearts start to move.
Former soldier Joe (Joaquin Phoenix) is a specialist who undertakes search for missing people.
At one point, something was different from usual as the request which came in to him.
The client is a state senator. She uses her favorite hammer and rescues her daughter, Nina (Ekaterina · Samsonov) who is caught in one organization, but she remains unresponsive as if every feeling is missing.
And they are news, they know that the client father jumped and committed suicide.

Highlights of “Beautiful Day”

The brutality of cool-hearted middle-aged former soldier Joe
Former soldier Joe’s trained body that was trained.

Do not miss the enemies’ slight skis, throw down thoroughly The scene of the hammer makes me want to keep my eyes away.

I will speak brutality directly in the viewer’s brain.

Show me the feeling, Joe’s heart

There is no useless annotation or explanation in the movie.

It is such a movie that “As you are, feel it as it is”.

At the beginning of the movie, “images of men who commit suicide”, “countdown”, “boy’s face” etc. are alternately flashed back.
Just watching, I do not know the relevance, so I will sharpen the nerve and the audience will try to fill the space between the picture and the image.

While the audience continues to watch the main part, it is noticed that “This image is the emotion or memory that the main character Joe sees and feels.”
“A man who commits suicide is Joe, a suicide applicant?”
“Is the boy who occasionally flashback is Joe’s childhood memory?”
“Countdown is time to endure something?” Gradually spreading understanding.

There is no explanation of the situation, you can understand by keeping watching.
I think that it is a splendid flow.

I felt that all useless information was scraped off.
It is a very sophisticated movie.

Harmony of video, music and acting

It was Johnny Greenwood (Radiohead) who was in charge of the music of Beautiful Day, who was in charge of the movie “phantom thread” nominated for the Academy Award Composition Award.

If you do not know him, listen to the music of this scene, one scene, it is a convincing sound.
It was cool and crispy sound.

I believe that this music also expresses Joe’s heartfelt well as well as images.

I think that the image, acting and music are splendidly one piece.

It may be good to taste the music so that it can be bitten by the second appreciation, watching the first time obediently.

We recommend you watch this work more than once.

that? Do you write what is common?
“Harmony between video, music and acting”.

But it was a very cool and shabby sound.

Joe’s mother with the same suffering as Joe (Judith Roberts)

Judith Roberts

“Beautiful day” Judith Roberts

Joe has two profiles: a professional looking for a child involved in a crime and a brutal slayer.

However, Joe will live with his old mother when he returns home, and they will show us a close look.

Joe and Joe ‘s mother shares Joe’ s childhood abuse and suffering of DV.

Joe cherishes her mother and you will see a depiction that Jok is thinking that she does not want to involve her mother in the job.

“I am weak,” there is a scene that Joe screams in creative.
I felt that Joe could be strongly brutal for the guards of him.
When there is no thing to protect, he can not support himself and becomes bearish, but he can live strongly if there is something to protect.
Such an episode is also an attraction.

A fragile girl Nina who can not see any feelings

 Ekaterina Samsonov

“Beautiful day”  Ekaterina Samsonov

Although it is a movie depicting Joe’s feelings throughout the movie, Nina which Joe rescues lacks any emotions.

Why is Nina losing feelings? I think that you want the reason for seeing the movie and feeling it yourself.
Although it is a Nina that does not show emotion, a scene that makes my heart come through only to Joe who rescued comes out.

Nina becomes an important character for Joe next to her mother in this movie.

The past scenes of the boyhood heart that flash back many times in this volume mainly express Joe’s cry of shouting and suffering, but if it can save Joe’s heart it might be Nina.

The goal of the broken hearts of Nina and Joe may be the most interesting thing of this work.


That is “Joaquin Phoenix starring the 70th Cannes Film Festival W Winner” Beautiful Day “starring.

In Japan it has been released sequentially since June 2018.

Please check the theater schedule on the official website, the release time is shifted by region.

Movie “Beautiful Day” Official Website Published on June 1, 2018

The more fun you watch, the more fun the movie is coming through.

This work is really nice, fleeting and a good movie.

Until the end Thank you for reading.
Well then, ♪
It was Joe (@Joe90738682).


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