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Hello I love movies is Joe (@Joe90738682).

As I wrote an article on the movie “Beautiful Di” the other day, I wrote an article introducing Joaquin Phoenix who starred.

Joaquin Phoenix who got strange at “Beautiful Di”, has become a fan very much.

Joaquin, super cool, cool, smiling is scary (where I am praising), no, no.

“Beautiful di” I went to see it three times.

Joaquin Phoenix who does not get tired even if you change twice.

Since I calmed down a bit, I summarized Joaquin Phoenix.


Joaquin Phoenix’s Profile

  • English notation: Joaquin Phoenix
  • Real name: Joaquin Rafael Phoenix
  • Birthday: October 28, 1974
  • Hometown: America · Puerto Rico Autonomous Region · San Juan City

Joaquin Phoenix’s amazing family

It is a famous story that River Phoenix (August 23, 1970 – October 31, 1993) who died at the young age of 23 years old is Joaquin Phoenix ‘s brother.

River Phoenix takes the spotlight as a leader of boys of Stand By Me (1986).
Indiana Jones In the final Holy War (1989), he plays the role of Indiana Jones’ childhood age.
Also, in My Private Idaho (1991), she received the Best Actor Award at the Venice International Film Festival, the National Film Critics Association Award, the Independent Spirit Award.

Joaquin Phoenix’s older brother, actress River Phoenix, has been in the limelight since childhood.

My sister Rain, my sister’s summer is also active as an actress.

Also, Casey Affleck married to Sister Summer, and Casey’s younger brother Ben Affleck are also actors, and brothers are also noisy and realistic actors.

Families and relatives are also amazing Hollywood actors, are not they?

Joaquín Phoenix starring piece

Film casting works of Joaquin / Phoenix below extract only representative things.

1986Movie debut in the movie “Space Camp” (Reef · Phoenix Name)
2000Gladiator (Academy Supporting Actor Award nomination)
2001Getting Started with the War
2005Walk the Line / The road leading to you
2012The masterVenice International Film Festival Actor Award (Joaquin Phoenix / Philip Seymour Hoffman)

Venice International Film Festival Silver Lion Award (directed by Paul Thomas Anderson)

2013her / one in the world (Golden Globe Award Best Actor Award (Musical / Comedy Division) Nomination)
2014Inhilarent Weiss (Golden Globe Award Best Actor Award (Musical / Comedy Division) Nomination)
2017Beautiful Day (Cannes International Film Festival Best Actor Award Winner)

Masterpiece of Joaquín Phoenix

It is a work list that I introduce by referring to what I am particularly pleased with this work.

The movie “Beautiful Day”

directed byLynn Ramsey
ScreenplayLynn Ramsey
ProductionLynn Ramsey
Original workJonathan Ames
musicsJohnny Greenwood (a member of the British Alternative Rock Band “Radiohead”)
  • Joaquin Phoenix
  • Ekaterina Samsonov
  • Judith Roberts

The story of the movie “Beautiful Day”


A lonely man and a girl who lost everything. That day, two broken hearts start to move.
Former soldier Joe (Joaquin Phoenix) is a specialist who undertakes search for missing people.
At one point, something was different from usual as the request which came in to him.
The client is a state senator. She uses her favorite hammer and rescues her daughter, Nina (Ekaterina · Samsonov) who is caught in one organization, but she remains unresponsive as if every feeling is missing.
And they are news, they know that the client father jumped and committed suicide.

Watching the movie “Beautiful Day”

The image is beautiful and gentle, yet it feels strong.
I think that female director Lynn Ramsey makes it a technique.

Oops, this article was an article by Joaquin Phoenix.

“Joe” played by Joaquin is a veteran who is also a professional looking person, but also a killer.
It is strong and brutal, but Joaquin of a clumsy man, gentle and lonely, is very cool and cool by Joaquin Phoenix.

As I mentioned above, I went to see it three times during the screening, but it was a work that I did not get bored at all.


Movie “The Master”

directed byPaul Thomas Anderson
ScreenplayPaul Thomas Anderson
  • Paul Thomas Anderson
  • Megan Ellison
  • Daniel Rupi
  • Joan Seller
musicsJohnny Greenwood (a member of the British Alternative Rock Band “Radiohead”)
  • Joaquin Phoenix
  • Philippe Seymour Hoffman
  • Amy Adams

The story of the movie “The master”

The Master

The stage is set in the United States after the Second World War.

Freddy Sutton (Joaquin · Phoenix), a returning sickler who has suffered a heart, is a mentally ill person who drowns in drinking and women.

Freddie meets Lancaster Dot (Philip · Seymour · Hoffmann) with a charismatic quality.

Freddie interested in Lancaster will act with him and his believers.

Can Freddie, the returning soldier, save yourself?

Watch the movie “The Master”

This movie is a movie for Americans made by Americans.

I thought it was difficult to understand without knowing American culture.

It may be a movie that Japanese people can not understand if it turns back.

This movie is a work that deeply gouged the American social problem of the 1950s.
Back then was after the Second World War, many returning soldiers suffering post-traumatic stress disorder in war was one of the social problems.
Also, it is said that one emerging religion has emerged in the United States at that time, becoming a social problem.

This work expresses the relationship between Freddie of the returning soldier and Lancaster, the leader of the charismatic emerging religion.

However, there is no “answer” that shows the message nature such as “Let’s save the returning soldier” and “Opposing the emerging religion” in this movie.

This movie is probably a work that seeers find answers in their minds.

Since it is not indicated as “this is something like”, I think that if you ask for an answer in a movie, it will be tough.

It may be a work that selects a viewer.

In this time, we introduced only representative works about the movies “Beautiful Die” and “The Master”.

I’m planning to introduce the movie “Gladiator” soon.
In that case I will introduce it again on this page.


Joaquín Phoenix’s play is awful.

The person playing is Joaquin Phoenix, but I will perform acts that make me think that “There is a different person in each work piece.”

For example, his expression of the movie “The Master”, his eyes seemed to be watching a documentary film of a mentally disabled.

In addition, Freddie only appears in the movie ‘The Master’ in the ending, the physique has changed so that it can be known at a glance that Freddie became sick?

In the movie “Beautiful Di”, it means that a veteran is a slayer of a veteran, and “The Master” has a true opposite muscle but comes out with a slightly fat mass and is a different person? I thought it was.

It is amazing where you change your physique and appearance to suit your role.

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​an actor who can not keep an eye.

That is, “It approaches the secret of charm of movie actor actress Joaquin Phoenix”.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

It was Joe (@Joe90738682).

Well then ~ ♪


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