I’d like to see the movie ‘The Meg ‘, is it funny? Introduction article

I’d like to see the movie ‘The Meg ‘, is it funny? Introduction article

Hello I love movies is Joe (@Joe90738682).

Today, Japan – China cooperative movie “MEG The Monster” was released in Japan.

Since the United States and China were released on August 10th, one month earlier, Japan was released one month behind.

It was a movie that was overflowing with humor and expectation more than I expected.

“Huh, did you just watch me?”
Yes, I have been watching it.

Basically, there is no spoiler spirit. 
There are explanations of some character setting to get things included in the contents of the trailer, knowledge that you know academically better, and interest.

Megalodon was a huge shark that existed on Earth


Before entering the story of the movie, I will explain the information about Megarodon, a so-called Megarodon, a gigantic shark that will come this time.

If you know this advance information, credibility comes out and more movies become interesting.

When you watch the movie of the trailer, huge sharks will come out, right?
That is a real shark that existed in the past, extinct type of shark “Calcarocres megalodon”.
It is not a fancy but a creature that existed in the history of the earth.
Do you feel ocean romance somehow?

Partially quoted from movie brochure “Real existent giant shark carcalocres · megalodon”
Author: Hiroki Kitagawa (an ancient vertebrate scholar / Saitama prefectural natural museum curator of nature)

Calcarocres megalodon which appears in the movie existed from the new generation about 28 million years ago from the Middle Ages.
· · · · · · 
 The reason why the megalodon has been extinct is that it was not able to cope with the environmental change of the cold of the earth and that the small bearded whale that had been used as an edible began to grow in size, What is missing 
… … middle …

Regarding megalodon’s chewing power, there is also a study that it was about 3 to 6 times that of carnivorous dinosaur Tyrannosaurus and 250 times that of us human beings .

… omission …
to be estimated from the size of the tooth, megalodon was the size of approximately 12 meters. Even bigger teeth were found, so it seems that it was about 17 meters at the maximum (estimated to be 27 meters in the movie). 
… … Normal … In
a recent study derived from fossil records, the megalodon has been extinct about 200-26 million years ago, but those who believe in the possibility of inhabiting even in themodern era Is not it there?
… omitted

If megarodon (commonly known as meg) is not extinct, what if modern times still survive somewhere on the earth? 
If there was a guy who met such a cocaine and survived fighting, what kind of movie would it be?
That’s the theme of “The Meg”.

Synopsis of movie ‘The Meg’


From: Official website “Story”

From a marine research facility 200 km away from the continent, a submerged ship discovered an unknown trench.
However, for a while also the pleasure disappeared in the unknown waters. Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham), a rescue of diving rescue, encountered a “monster” = MEG beyond the common sense of biology on the way to rescue.
But that fear was just a beginning.

MEG, which destroyed the ship and destroyed the research facility, is about to fear sunny dazzling beach as well. How does the ocean expert team led by Jonas overcome this crisis? Can mankind be able to escape from this threat?

directed by John Turtle Tove
Screenplay Dean · Jogaris ·
John · Hover
Eric Hover
Production Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Belle Abley
Colin Wilson
Appearance Jason Statham (role of Wild Speed ​​Deckard · Show, etc.)
Li Bingbing (BioHazard V Aid Won, etc)
Rainn Wilson (Transformers / Professor of Revenge Kolan etc)
Ruby Rose (Resident Evil Game Such)

【No spoiler】 【The Meg】 I finished watching it


Before watching, “Are you afraid, are you scared?” “Wow, you are getting stuck out for a while?” “Worried about your heart?” I was worried.

After I finished watching, I had the impression that “It was fun”, “I was relaxed and watched”, “I am scared of scary things but this is fun!”

I was full of humor and it was not just a scary movie.
I think that it is a work that you can enjoy except for people with weak heart.

I strongly said, I felt that I was stuffing too much.

Well, the story of each episode is easy to understand, it’s a fun movie full of humor.
However, I felt that my story was overpowering with too much greediness.
It was a movie with a sense of doing all that I wanted to do.

I think it was good to see it.
I enjoyed it.

Cast introduction

First of all, I will introduce only three people.
I enter a little description of the character setting to the extent that it will not be spoiled.

 Everyone’s hero Jason Statham / hero Jonas Taylor


At first I was impatient about involvement, but if I get involved, I’m going to work hard. 
A man who always acts thinking of surviving in a dangerous sea, being gentle with women and children.

Although it was not smooth sailing from the beginning, when I used a submarine in a scene of rescue, I was numb when I was attracted to a submersible diving technique.

After that, it was an abdominal buck backpack.
As expected it is a former swimmer of the Olympic Games. Even now I am working hard.
There are “Wild Speed ​​series” and “Transporter series” in movie works that are appearing elsewhere.

  • Unnamed: Jason Statham
  • Nationality: UK
  • Birth date: July 26, 1967

Heroine role Li Bingbing / Suuin


A beautiful actress Lee Bing Bin acts as an oceanographer Suein, a role of a mother who has a daughter (mother and child family).

In the first encounter with the hero Jonas we despise him as a human.
It is the royal road of the movie, the first impression The worst is that.

By looking at Jonas’s success, I will gradually open my mind.

I was surprised at the atmosphere that is completely different from the role of Aido won (sexy and strong woman) of one of my favorite movies “Biohazard V”.
It seems that she also appeared in the movie “Transformers”.

  • Name: Li Bingbing (李冰冰)
  • Nationality: China
  • Birth date: February 27, 1973

Everyone’s Angel Sophia Tsai / Meine


In role, she is a daughter of Sue in.

This girl tastes good again.
Adults are not wary because they are children, but curiosity is strong, so everyone’s secret story seems to come naturally in the ears.
There is a scene talking with Jonas and kosokoso, but this is also cute.
It seems to come across something as it appears in the video of the previous notice.


The United States and China were released on August 10th, Japan was released today on September 7th.

Why did not you bring a release date in the middle of the summer.

There is no mercy.

I think that it is not a bad movie.

I think that it is a work that passed through the royal road of Hollywood movies.

Since it is open from today, those who are interested are sure to go and see it.

As mentioned above, “I want to see the movie” The Meg”but it is interesting, it is an introduction article” to the direction.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

It was Joe (@Joe90738682).

Well then ~ ♪