9. Introduction of the 14th Japan-US simultaneous new film “The Predator” (SF · Thriller movie)

The PredetaorFilm

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In August, “Oceans 8”, “Mission: Impossible / Fallout”, “Antman & Wasp” was a great harvest movie in August, but in September it has not been defeated.

We will introduce one of the highlights of September “The Predator” which is open to the public at the same time between Japan and the United States.


Movie “The Predator“

directed byShane Black
ScreenplayFred · Decker
Shane · Black
ProductionJohn Davis (1, 2, E VS P, AVP 2, Predators)
Lawrence Gordon (Predator, Predator 2)
Joel Silver (Predator, Predator 2)
AppearanceBoyd Holbrook (role of Logan Donald Pierce, etc.)
Trevante Rose (role of Moonlight Sharon)

From: Official website “Story”

A senior Raleigh found a mysterious device, formerly a special member of the mercenary who Mercenary father Quinn acquired in Mexico, from the box. That device he started up was a signal that gave the Predator a call to the earth …

Quin who was confined to the top secret agency of the government trying to hide the situation by contact with Predator. He will escape with rogue soldiers called Rooney and struggle to save the son and the human race who is in danger of it!

Predator who reappeared before mankind again upgraded at gene level using DNA of other species. It was stronger and smarter. In addition, the “Ultimate · Predator” suddenly appeared, which had overwhelming power far exceeding the usual predator! How should mankind confront …!

What I felt about the movie ‘The Predator’

'The Predator'

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The first movie “Predator” was released in 1987.

Thereafter, works are published as “Predator-2 (1990)” “Alien VS Predator (2004)” “AVP 2 Aliens VS. Predator (2006)” “Predators (2010)”.

“The Predator” released on September 14 is the sixth work, it is 31 years since the first work was released.

Actually, the scary impression of childhood is strong, and I have not seen the movie of “Predator” so far.
But if a new work comes out so much! , I watched 5 pieces from “Predator (1987)” to “AVP 2 Aliens VS. Predator (2006)” and “Predators (2010)” in one stroke.

It was fun because there was a new discovery.
The main findings are as follows.

  • I am not scared unexpectedly (I am an adult as a matter of course) and I have a sense of humor.
  • Humans, women, children do not attack (this is Bushido?).
  • Even if you are an Earthman who killed a fellow, you pay respect for over winning the battle.
  • I am sorry for giving thanks to my dead friends who are lost in battle.
  • Make communication with the earthling people in the battle.
  • We pay homage to warriors (human beings) who fought together and fought.
  • Surprisingly nice guy.

For example, “Predator” is eerily impressed as a monster attacked by anyone, but it does not randomly attack the Earthling, it is attacking the Earthling who attacks with weapons.
Also, in the first work “Predator” is drawn not to attack unarmed persons, helpless objects such as women, children.
“Predator” is belligerent, but not everyone will attack it, there was a reason.

In “Predator 2” “Aliens VS Predator”, the description shows that Predator acknowledges the stronger Earthling who won the fight.
In “Aliens vs. Predator”, even the state of being able to communicate with the earthling person serving as heroine is drawn.

However, the place not only scary and unpleasant may be the charm of the work of “Predator”.

By the way, “Predator” is written in English as “Predator”, meaning “predator” or “natural enemy”.
The tribe “predator” is not in space.

The fifth work “Predators (2010)” is similar in atmosphere to the first work.
Attacked by an unknown enemy, observe it, make a strategy, the jungle is the stage. Common points like this are seen in the first and fifth works.
However, the stage is an extra-terrestrial planet, and all the characters are all combatants who fall apart from each other.
Some Japanese mafia (Yakuza) has appeared.
It was refined as a movie and “Predators” became my favorite work.

I’m thinking about seeing the new “The Predator” in theaters if it works.

Although it is before the release, expectation reaction of foreign countries

Introduction: Predator’s first work It is a video that summarizes the evolution of Predator from 1987 to 2018. People who are watching past works may be review if viewed one by one.


Impressions: We are introducing Predator’s worldview on YouTube with the title Predator which survived. There was a wonderful experience.


I think so too


All old works of the movie “Predator” can be seen at Hulu now.

I watched 4 of them on YouTube for a fee in the last month and only watched “Predators” with Hulu.
Hulu I wanted you to put out sooner w

It is the first work in 1987, but it was not old-fashioned at all.
Even though it is an old movie.
Those who have not seen the old work yet, unless thriller is not good, I definitely want to see it.

I think that it is interesting to understand the world view by watching only the first work and the second work.

That was “Introduction of” The Predator “(SF · Thriller movie) which is simultaneous new movie released on 9. 14 US and the United States.

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