I tried to compare shark Film “The MEG (2018)” and immortal masterpiece “Jaws (1975)”

JAWS & The MEGFilm

Hello I love movies is Joe (@Joe90738682).

I watched a movie “The MEG ” on the first public release 9/7.

It is a gorgeous luxurious movie.

“The MEG” is a work that challenged by budget, staff, cast, scenario and everything that we can put in everything.

It is the best film as entertainment movie.

Production and advertisement expenses total  over $ 300 million .
Director is coach John Turtle Tobu coach. 
Actors are Jason Statham, Lee Bing Bing, Raine Wilson and others .
The shooting scene is a greedy movie packed everything with sea ​​floor, underwater, offshore, ocean base, various submarines, helicopter, bomb, shoot, beach, and so on .

There is no loss after watching it in the story of the story.

I can absolutely enjoy it.



The MEG Jason Statham

The MEG Jason Statham

Well, when talking about a marine panic movie from which sharks come out “Jaws (original title: JAWS)” absolutely can not be taken away in 1975.

“Jaws” was a masterpiece of Director Stephen Spielberg, who was 28 years old at the time. 
“Jaws” is the maritime panic movie’s monument, it is said to be an immortal masterpiece in this genre . Many marine panic movies using sharks have been made
since “Jaws” , but it is said that all B class movies are stopped.

After watching “The MEG”, I really wanted to see “Jaws”, so yesterday I watched it on YouTube for 400 yen (HD version).

Why does “Jaws” continue to reign as an immortal masterpiece in shark films, I would like to see closer to its charm today.


The film “Jaws” 1975″

Synopsis of the Film “Jaws”

A woman ‘s body was launched on the beach of American country country town Amity.
Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) of the police chief who received the report of the autopsy of the “shark attack” from the coroner begins preparing for the swimming prohibition.
However, the opposition of the mightors of the mayor and the town that fears that tourism income in the summer will not enter will be abandoned by Chairman Brody abandoning swimming prohibition.
As a result, the boy who was swimming in the sea becomes the second victim of the shark (a child rarely became a victim in Steven Spielberg’s director’s work).

The boy ‘s parents paid for shark extermination, a prize money earnings appeared from all over the United States and the town became a big mess.
Chief Brody struggles to hold a confused town, but asks oceanographer Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfus) for cooperation.
Hooper looked at the body of the victim and saw that it was a very large shark work.

The gathered prize-money team catches a little shark and it is safe to say that everyone in the town has become peaceful with this.
However, the oceanographer Hooper insists that there are other sharks than the shark’s tooth form left in the body, because the size of the shark is small and inspects to see if it is a shark that hit the victims bring the action.
However, the mayor refused.

The chief and the oceanographer find out that a huge white shark is in the ocean, but can not give evidence, the situation will not change and the sea will be opened on that day.
Then, sharks appeared on the beach full of many resort guests, the beach became big panic and the third casualty ….

The mayor finally understood the gravity of things and acknowledged “shame extermination”, three of the director of Broadcaster, Oceanographer Hooper, fisherman Quint, headed towards the sea for shark extermination.


Battle between Chief Brody and a brutal white shark

Directed bySteven Spielberg
ScreenplayPeter Benchley
Carl Gottlieb
Based onPeter Benchley
Produced byRichard D. Zanuck
David Brown
StarringRoy Scheider
Robert Shaw
Richard Dreyfuss
Lorraine Gary
Murray Hamilton
Music byJohn Williams
AwardThe 48th Academy Award (Composition Award, Sound Award, Editing Award)

Nothing Film “Jaws”, a film with all “The MEG”

“Jaws” films are quite simple . There is
really nothing compared to modern films .

I will be surprised.

JawsThe MEG
targetWhite shark (at most 8 m at most)MEG (27 m) · · · It does not exist because it was extinct before 200 ~ 2.6 million years ago
CG/VFXThere is noneUsing VFX
SF elementnot at allNewly discovered seafloor world
deep ocean exploration boat
ocean research base
heroA middle-aged man who is not good at the sea Does not rise Until the police chief (Roy Scheider)A handsome man with muscular backslash (Jason Statham)
heroineIs notChinese Beauty (Lee Bing Bin)
OceanographerMiddle-aged shark otaku (Richard Dreyfus)Chinese beauty and heroine (Lee Bing Bin)
HelperAn alien fisherman’s unbalanced grandfather (Robert Shaw)There are many specialists including the heroine
A big idiot who expands troubleMayor hides the facts of sharksInvestors with enormous budget. I will instruct you to capture MEG.
Do flashy rescue strategyThere is not a
victim just to appear
There are several times
EquipmentUsed old ship 1 艘
harpoon (glue)
Police equipped pistol 1
Very toxic
floating 3
Oxygen tank 2
Since it becomes spoiler, I do not write it in detail, but a lot of ultra modern equipment

The Film “Jaws”
Ship carrying three people heading for shark elimination

As shown in the table above, “Jaws”  has no SF elements.

A handsome, outstanding motor nerve and a muscular bewitching hero are not in “Jaws”. 
I am sorry, the main character of the police chief who is not good at the middle season ocean whereUdatsu will not rise is the hero.

The actual “white shark shark” (slightly less than 8 m) is the target.

There is neither a heroine nor a strategy of rescuing large scale.

There is only the fact that “Sharks have appeared” “Dead men went out” “The shark should be killed” and the fact that it is only the middle-aged boy fighting against it .

Still that “Jaws” continues to be said to be a masterpiece seems to prove that the evaluation of the film proves that budgeting, casting, scenario alone can not be decided.

Joe’s “White shark” not going out easily, and wanting to go out “MEG”

There is nothing “Jaws” in that it can make a film with that simple directing, it may be advantageous and superior to other filmss.

Increasing the number of components increases the hints, the story becomes too big.
If the hints increase, it is because there is a risk that each episode of a story shortens to collect hints, which will make it hard to convey.
This phenomenon was the same in “The MEG” as well.

In the film “shark (white shark)” which is the target of “Joe’s” does not appear almost in the film which is two hours.
You can finally see the figure after 80 minutes since the film started.

Roy Scheider

A white shark showing appearance 80 minutes after the beginning of the film. In front this is police chief Brody (Roy Scheider)

Since “The MEG” only watches once, I can not answer the detailed number of times and time zone of MEG, but I feel I’ve seen my stomach full.

I think that Steven Spielberg, who considered the production that can shake people’s fear despite the appearance of sharks in “Jaws”, is a genius.

Actually, there was a reason for this, mechanically trimmed sharks (nickname: blues) for shooting were broken on the first day of the camera test and sunk to the bottom of the sea. 
It took me one month to repair, I had the next episode.

Steven Spielberg: A Retrospective Hardcover – October 2,

The solution proposed by Spielberg on the next day “I will imply only that existence without showing a shark, but I do not show the whole body anyhow.” Anyhow, the important thing is the fins here, the tail over there, the nose that is somewhere .
I can not see the whole picture until the shark reveals its intense purity. “Sharks will appear frequently before the scene, if the figure is clearly visible, it should not be such a shock.”

While I was watching Jaws, I also felt that I did not show the appearance of a shark but made me feel terrible just by “invisible indication”.

The first lady ‘s victim comes out in the place where we do not see the film for 5 minutes, but here we do not have the appearance of a shark.
The fear is transmitted a lot by the implication that “There is something” under the sea where she swims, and three synergistic effects of acting and music.

Even when all the second and third victims are out, nothing comes out at all.

I think that it was amazing that I was able to produce fear by “nothing”.

It is still the point that how to produce fear rather than the size of the shark.

However, if mechanized sharks did not break on the first day of the camera test and were successful, “Jaws” may have been a different film.

Whether accidental troubles chasing Stephen Spielberg, and as a result it is probably completed the masterpiece “Jaws” being evaluated now?

Of course the same film can not be taken by anyone, and exceeding it may be very difficult.

Steven Spielberg who had trouble on his side can not be said to be a genius.

Oceanographic director does not want to do shooting in the sea again twice

It seems that it is difficult to connect “scenes” and “scenes” in shooting in the sea.

Why is that?

The sea is alive and can not be freed.
It seems that there are many times when preparing for a day and preparing one day, even one cut can not be taken when preparing the condition which said size, direction, wave direction, direction of reflection, reflection of light, obstructive thing which said so, said so.

For “Jaws”, photography could not be done smoothly, the shooting period extended, the production budget expanded enormously, and it was considered to cancel production.

Actually Steven Spielberg seems to have been forced to stop shooting, but at 28 years old he has taken photographs under a lot of pressure.

Spirberg himself is also saying. “I’ll take the next film with dry land, is it the thing to put out the scene of the bathroom?”

Director John Turtle Tove of ‘The MEG’ seems to have been having a lot of trouble shooting in the ocean.

If so, it may be a difficult technique to take a Class A rating with a one-shot ocean film.

In conclusion

I will refuse it first, but the story I write from now is not a thing to decide the good or bad of the work.

It is a story of features of the work.

I think that “Jaws” is a documentary film of marine panic, horror and suspense.
And “The MEG” is a marine panic, horror, suspense entertainment film.

“Jaws” is trying to convey the threat of nature to the viewer with the form of “sharks”.
It is close to a documentary film.
Of course it is showing actors and images, but it is a film that conveys the facts of nature’s threat (document) through shark fear.

On the other hand, “The MEG” is a film “Showing the success of the leading characters Jonas · Taylor’s” to the person who saw it.
Complete entertainment work which extruded the latest VFX image, acting and action of a famous actor to the front.
It is a film with a good humor.

The direction you want to see, the point you are aiming for is different.

A documentary film that tells us that “People are helpless before the threat of nature”, if it is “Jaws”, even if any entertainment work is brought, it can be nodded that they can not go beyond “Jaws”.

Because the ring is different.

In 1975, Steven Spielberg was fighting the ocean.

If a new director comes out that does not give in to the sea, it will not yield, works that exceed “Jaws” may come out.

The above is “I tried to compare the shark film” The MEG (2018) “and immortal masterpiece” Jaws (1975) “”.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

It was Joe (@Joe90738682).

Well then ~ ♪

Reference book

Steven Spielberg: A Retrospective Hardcover – October 2,

I wrote this in reference to the Japanese version of the book above.