Film “Oceans 8”, 6 Things I would like to keep before watching

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Hello I love movies is Joe (@Joe90738682).

In Japan, the opening day of Oceans 8 approached 8/10.

I definitely go to see it on the first day this time.

Well, the Oceans series is the first work of “Ocean and 11 friends” in 1960.

It is said that Frank Sinatra will play the hero Denny Ocean of the time.

For me who was born in 1973, I know the name.

This time, “Oceans 8” Before release on August 10, introduce “6 things you want to keep before watching the movie” Oceans 8 “, while looking back on the 21st century” Oceans series “.

Oceans series Please enjoy the first time and also those who have not seen for the first time in a while.


1. Movie called Oceans

“Oceans 11” was the first work of the Oceans.

In a word it is a big thief and a conversation that Danny Ocean and his colleagues are active.

I will introduce a little about the story of Oceans 11

Fraudster Danny Ocean (George Clooney) met with a former fellow Rusty (Brad Pitt) who was on parole with a thief , and casualties of three casinos “Bellagio”, “Mirage”, “MGM Grand” of Las VegasWe are planning to steal $ 150 million of funds from the huge underground safe where gold collects .

And Danny and Rusty consulted Ruben, an asset owner familiar with backward business and casino security, about financing. Who do you plan to do 
to break through the strong security similar to missile base ? Leuben asks. Later, Danny and Rusty gather specialists who can break through casino security to make the robber plan a success and let the project carry out .

Tempo, music and video are all exciting movies.
It is pleasant to watch a movie that keeps working on a project that is said to be absolutely impossible.

There is a hint in even a little scene and I can not miss even one second.

Liars, fraudsters are commonplace, I can not take my eyes off if the scene I am looking at is a scene actually occurring, or a scene of tricks.
Although I am aware that myself who is an audience is also deceived afterwards often, I do not have sarcasm but I feel obediently “Yararetta w”.

Oceans 11 breaks the safe , Oceans 12 takes away some artworks , Oceans 13 is the theme of Rouben’s enemy .

2. Introduction of the cast of eleven people of the basic Oceans

It is not a cast this time.
Since I would like you to know the world view, I introduce the main members of old Oceans 11, 12, 13. Please
skip those who are not interested and look at the next ” Before watching Oceans 8 ” .

  1. A thief and cheater Danny Ocean (George Clooney). Planner of fearless plan .
  2. Danny’s right army Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt). Planner position for planning execution .
  3. Ruben , sponsor of Danny’s plan (Elliott Gould). Former casino owner and wealthy.
  4. casino dealer with a previous appointment (Bernie Mac). The head rotates quickly and is in something important position in promoting Rusty’s plan. Bernie Mac died of pneumonia at the age of fifty years of age in 2008, the year after Oceans 13 was released .
  5. Basha specialist, Basha (Don Cheadle).
  6. Brother Moloi’s brother (Casey Affleck) who is also a specialist in radio control operation and also disguise . Always fighting brothers, when breathing is a perfect breath.
  7. A brother of Moloi brothers (Scott Caan) who is a driver and becomes a master of disguise . Always fighting brothers, when breathing is a perfect breath.
  8. Chinese acrobaticist and a small Chinese Yao (Qin Shaobo). Accurate movements and flexibility to survive important parts of the strategy.
  9. Livingstone (Eddie Jemison) who can be intercepted without any notice of any communication system by an electrician’s expert .
  10. Once retired genius scammer Saul (Carl Reiner)
  11. Linus (Matt Damon) called the youngest “team with golden hands ” in the team . Pride is high, there are also reckless parts due to youth.

■ Oceans 8 also forms an attractive team

Ocean's 8

Even this time of Oceans 8, charismatic playmaker of Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) as including, Debbie of dependable right arm Lou in the buddy (Cate Blanchett) , Nine Ball (Rihanna) of genius hacker such as a unique and fascinating crime Dream team seems to be formed.

I also care about the work of this team.

3. Before watching Oceans 8

This time it is a new work by Oceans.

Should I watch the previous work before watching Oceans 8?

If you do not look at the Oceans series so far , I think you should look at Oceans 11 alone .

Even if you are watching Oceans’s past works, if you are years ago, you may want to review it again.

Do you remember tricks that arrived at the impregnable underground safe of Oceans 11 and escaped from the basement ?

Even if all the Oceans were arrested at Oceans 12, it was safe episode . In the game with Knight Fox, it seemed that Knight Fox was robbed of the winner, but does the game remember the episode already attached ?

In Oceans 13, more than 13 people were gathering for Leben’s enemy . Do you remember Leuven and Danny’s connections and virtues, and a bold plan?

It is pleasant to watch the sense that you do not use guns, tricks and brilliant lies to achieve your purpose.

This time the Oceans was a new work of “11 years old” The director will be Gary Ross instead, but the production of the previous work involves Stephen Soderbergh, director of the previous work .
It will surely be a splendid new work that will not disappoint Oceans’ fans.

In addition, Jerry Weintraub who was also a producer of the Oceans 11 series has died of myocardial infarction at home on July 6, 2015.
He was 77 years old.
We pray for the souls.

titleReleaseDirector / ProductionScreenplaystarring
Oceans 112001Steven Soderbergh / Jerry WeintraubTed GriffinGeorge Clooney
Brad Pitt
Julia Roberts
Andy Garcia
Matt Damon
Oceans 122004Steven Soderbergh / Jerry WeintraubGeorge NolfiGeorge Clooney
Brad Pitt
Julia Roberts
Andy Garcia
Matt Damon
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Vincent Cassel
Oceans 132007Steven Soderbergh / Jerry WeintraubBrian Koppelman
David Levien
George Clooney
Brad Pitt
Julia Roberts
Andy Garcia
Matt Damon
Al Pacino
Ellen Birkin
Oceans 82018Gary Ross / Steven SoderberghGary RossSandra Bullock
Cate Blanchett
Anne Hathaway
Mindy Kaling
Sarah Paulson
Okuwa Fina
Helena Bonham Carter

4. Story of the key Oceans 8

Quoted from the movie “Oceans 8” official site : The
command tower leading the new generation “Oceans” is Debbie Ocean, that sister of that Danny Ocean (George Clooney).
She called out all the professional criminal pros with top talent.
Such targets are gems totaling 150 million dollars to appear in the world ‘s biggest fashion festival “Metgara” to be held at the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art where more than 600 celebrities gather around the world!
We receive one grain of that jewel that a popular Hollywood actress (Ann Hathaway) wears, protected by the highest difficulty security said to be the best in the world.
Moreover, the pattern of the festival is accompanied by too high a hurdle that it is live-distributed to the whole world in real time.
With all over the world watching, their daring showtime opens!

Link to the movie “Oceans 8” official site

5. Oceans 8 trailer YouTube

6.Ocean’s 8 flyer

Ocean's 8 Flyer

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