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Hello I love movies is Joe (@Joe90738682).

Do you know Hollywood actress Sandra Block?

It was the movie screen that I first heard of Sandra Bullock.

That work is “Speed” in 1994.

It is already a work 24 years ago.

It is said that it was definitely this “speed” that Sandra Bullock became famous became famous.

As a leading actress in this work, Sandra Bullock was a heroine who is doing great in many ways.
By the way, the leading actor is Keanu Reeves.
He also became famous in this work and will strive for the neo role of the representative work “Matrix” later.

Today is a story of Sandra Bullock, so I will keep talking about Speed ​​and Keanu once.


Famous episodes of Sandra Bullock

  • English inscription: Sandra Bullock
  • Real name: Sandra Annet · Block
  • Birthday: July 26, 1964
  • Hometown: USA / Virginia State

Sandra Bullock, who received the lowest actress award for the Golden Raspberry Award (Lazy Award sent to the lowest work) at “All About Steve (2009 not released)” in 2009.
The episode at this time is the best.

It is said that no one will attend the disgraceful award ceremony of the Golden Raspberry Award, but Sandra Bullock attends a lot of DVDs to the dolly and makes a standing ovation.
And it seems to me as follows.

“Somehow, I feel that nobody sees this movie properly, because if I really see it firmly, I should not be here.”
“So, I’d like to give everyone everything ” All About Steve”If you promise to look forward to this and be sure to reconsider whether it was truly the lowest performance, I will be back here again next year and I will return the Lazy Award Wrinkle “and got a big cheer.

Moreover, this episode is the day before the announcement of the Academy Award, the next day it won the Academy leading actress award for “Hide of Happiness” and received the lowest and highest prize in 2 days.

Although I have not seen “All About Steve”, I heard the story that he was staging a girl with a push-pushing push in stalker-fighting, so it probably was a considerable performance.

Sandra · Block starring works Please watch this alone! Best 3

1st place”The Blind Side”

[Director / Screenplay]
John Lee Hancock

Sandra Bullock / Tim McGraw / Quinton Aaron / Kathy Bates

USA 2009 / Japan 2010

【Synopsis · impressions】

This is a work based on the true story of the impression of Michael Orr who decorated the NFL debut with the 1st round draft designation.

A black high school student Michael who used to be homeless as well.
Life of Michael and Lee started to move greatly from the place where Lee An (Sandra · block) who was on the way back home with family and car brought home by chance by searching for cold winter nights looking for a place to sleep and going home. I will.

In this movie, various episodes progress at the same time with a tremendous speed.

  • Michael was living homeless.
  • Encounter with Michael and Lee.
  • Invited to Lee’s wealthy family, it is given a living environment with nothing inconvenience.
  • Lee ‘s family upset as Lee invites Michael.
  • Michael’s own confusion.
  • By inviting Michael to the family, the family of Lee is exposed to curious eyes.
  • Lee trying to face the truth with Michael’s past.
  • Lee lets Michael enter the high school so that he can receive education.
  • High school teachers who are confused with Michael who will not be able to keep up with the high school classes and become an existence in the school.
  • Lee also faces Michael’s birth parent and accepts Michael as a adopted family.
  • At some point Lee will see Michael’s American football talent and will bloom his talent.

It is a screenplay of the performance that is interesting enough that I have often finished this work without confusing this episode.
Each episode progresses as Michael and Lee face each other.
For Michael who is having various problems and conflicts, always looking at the line of sight always seeing Sandra Bull’s acting acting loosely to the end every time a problem arises will be good.

People who know only Sandra · block of ‘speed’ or ‘Miss Congeniality’ will be surprised when you see this work.

People who are not good at human drama should certainly watch it once.


Alfonso · Cureon

Sandra Block / George Clooney

America · Japan 2013

【Synopsis · impressions】

Zero · gravity means zero gravity.

Medical technician Ryan (Sandra Block) is the first participant of Space Mission and Matt (George Clooney) is a commander of the entire Space Mission that is experienced and reliable this time.

During spacewalk outside the spacewalk, a message saying “a lot of space rubbish” (space debris) should evacuate with the rapid approach, but space debris attacks them without mercy, and it is only the ryan and the mat that survives to survive .

It is a story that two troubles will continue attacking two people trying to return home to the earth only with oxygen and equipment left behind.

In Space Mono’s trouble movie “Apollo 13”, movies will be developed with three spaceships, a control tower on the ground group and nearly three axes of alternate seamen.

However, at zero gravity the communication with the ground control tower is completely broken.
98% of the images under construction are universe.
Moreover, Ryan and mat will confront trouble coming next from next.

As in Apollo 13, there is no multiplication with the ground group, and this work has almost two actors alone for this 91-minute scene of a solitary universe (George Clooney acting as a mat has few turns …).

However, it is a movie that has no time to rest.
91 minutes is so fast.

Acting by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, all troubles of the universe are seen.

Can they finally play and return to the earth safely?

By all means, it is a work that I want you to watch.

No.3 “Speed”

Jan De Bon

Keanu Reeves / Dennis · Hopper / Sandra · Block

America · Japan 1994

【Synopsis · impressions】

It is a movie of a battle between a bomb and a SWAT member.

Immediately after the start of the movie, a bomb was set up on the elevator in a skyscraper, and the incident was encountered where passengers were confined. SWAT members of the Los Angeles municipal officers who came running handling bombs and rescuing passengers.

Even watching this scene is a worthwhile movie.

Safely, I will rescue passengers but I miss the criminal who was requesting ransom just before.

A few days later the criminal who ran away called for a SWAT member Jack (Keanu Reeves) by placing a bomb on a certain bus and requesting a ransom at the same time.

Also, asking for ransom is the deceased of money.

Besides, there is a mechanism to explode on the bus route on which a bomb is set up when it is 50 mph (80 kilometers) per hour or less.
Annie who happened to be driving a bus instead of a bus driver who injured in a certain trouble (Sandra Block).

This work is impressive as I was watching on the screen at the time of the screening.

I think that it still works well enough now.

By the way, director Yang De Pong was a debut work by this work. And Sandra Block and Keanu Reeves became famous in this work.

If you talk about Sandra Bullock this work can not be removed.

Because it is an old work, if you have not seen it yet, please have a look.

I think that it will surely be interesting.

Ah! Also, there is a sequel called Speed ​​2, but that is rags.
Sandra · block is out, but we do not recommend it.


As mentioned above, “This is only an academy actress Sandra Block recommended movie 3 pieces” was.

Sandra · Block Mr. Sandra · Block is a beautiful actress.

You can do a cheeky role, a yancha role, a maternity-rich role as well.

Personally I do not care what kind of acting we did at the “All About Steve” Who won the lowest actress award at the Golden Raspberry Award.

I also like humorous comedy movies called Miss Congeniality, but I was not among the best 3 among me.

We are looking forward to the Oceans 8 which was released from 10th August (not from tomorrow!

Thank you very much for reading to the end.

It was Joe (@Joe90738682).

Well then ~ ♪