Habits of 10 Predator! If you know only this, “The Predator” can be more enjoyable


Hello I love movies is Joe (@Joe90738682).

Since Predator ‘s new release was nearing, I tried collecting the points which it is better to know in order to enjoy the movie “Predator series”.

“Predator (Predator)” means literally “predator” or “natural enemy” when literally translated.

In the movie “Predator”, although recognition as an alien appears, it is not translated as “predator” as a tribal unique name.

However, we will call enemies Predator in this blog article in order to make the story easy to understand.

Legitimate sequel

  1. “Predator (1987)”
  2. “Predator-2 (1990)”
  3. “Predators (2010)”
  4. “The Predator (now work)”

Another story

  1. “Alien VS Predator (2004)”
  2. “AVP 2 Aliens VS. Predator (2006)”

Predator uses optical camouflage

Optical camouflage
The predator is jungle and camouflaging. From “Predator (1987)”


Optical camouflage with bright eyes
It is easy to understand even a still picture if the eyes shine. From “Predator (1987)”

Predator uses optical camouflage from the first work “Predator (1987)” from that time.
I think the word camouflage became famous for the Ghost in the Shell.
This is because the Ghost in the Shell was made into a movie (1995), animation (2002).

However, at the time of publication in 1987, the word “optical camouflage” has not come out yet.
In the process, “camouflaging” “Panic attacked by the forest” has become.

In the beginning I plan to fight guerrillas in the jungle, but one time they are supposed to fight against unknown enemies.
This episode is the first work “Predator” to commemorate in 1987.

Optical camouflage comes out even in the second and subsequent predators.

Let’s remember it as a feature.

Besides optical camouflage, Predator’s weapons and items are beyond earth science

Laser gun
Target the laser with the laser, and finally let the laser cannon fly from the shoulder. From “Predator (1987)”


Other weapons
From the weapon “Predator 2 (1990)” which left stretchable spear / right skip and hold down the neck. I also went to “Predator (1987)”.


Catching weapon
Capture net that also hacks the human body. Firing the net from the left. From “Predator 2 (1990)”

Besides optical camouflage a variety of weapons will come out in the Predator series.
Especially in Predator “Predator 2 (1990)” it has become an episode focusing on the height of the scientific power of Predator.
For example, a scene caught in a unit that strives to acquire the weapons held by Predator for the development of scientific power, and the lightness and sharpness of the appearance of weapons material.

Predator eye

Preliminary data is being worked on, deleting indications for humans.

However, only the crowd of the movie will appreciate the sign that there is a suspicious guy.

Yes, like the immortal masterpiece “Jaws”, I do not show up and show only the fear to the audience.
In Jaws it was the shark’s eyes looking up from the ocean floor.

Shark’s eye line aiming women from the bottom of the ocean, Shark Eye (I named it) “Jaws (1975)”

Looking at the predator’s aim at people or observing

Predator Eyes
Predator eye. Predator’s eyes are sensing the heat with infrared rays.

If you know this predator eye, you may now understand what this predator is thinking about.
Are you alerted or are you trying to attack?

A smart Predator to sample and utilize voice

Sampling in progress
How the Predator samples human voice “Predator (1987)”

In the “Predator series”, scenes that sample human voices come back many times.
Predator samples such as casual conversation, laughter, voices calling companions.

Moreover, I understand the meaning of human language, sometimes used to attract humans.

Understanding the meaning of words spoken by humans is an episode that makes it easy to understand.

Predator leaves a testimony

Predator drags out the internal organs of a human who killed, there is a habit of hanging and hanging the skin.

And also the habit of collecting skulls.

As if to show off the number of men who killed.

Proof of Predator
Dead body hanging leather with yes. This is the work of Predator. Similar portraits appear throughout the series. From “Predator (1987)”


“The devil seems to make a human corpse a trophy” From “Predator (1987)”

Predator is a hunter who enjoys hunting. Humans are prey.

Predator is a hunter who enjoys hunting.
This is a common theme throughout the series.
Next is the episode of “Predator (1987)”.

From “Predator (1987)” episode

In order to protect ourselves and to capture the enemies of unknown identity, we put in landmines and spent the night.
After making a fuss about the wild pig that jumped into the camp, the corpse of the fellow was gone when one paragraph.

The enemy scratched a lot of traps such as minefields, released the wild pigs, multiplied by the noise and collected collecting the body of the prey that they spotted Todome.

Here, leader Alan · “Dutch” · Major Shafer (Arnold · Schwarzenegger) has reached a conclusion.
“Enemies are enjoying hunting. Like to play sports. He is “a hunter.”

“I came here to get the corpse” “Predator (1987)”


From "Predator"
“One person at a time …” “From Predator (1987)”


From "Predator"
“From Hunter” “Predator (1987)” from

If you succeed in hurting you can win! Their blood is green

Predator blood
Predator’s blood is green fluorescent color. “Predator (1987)”

In the Predator series, Predator is close to unbeatable for humans.
As a result, attacks are hard to hit.
In the episode of “Predator 2 (1990)”, the word “bullet is a bouncing suit!” Appears.
If you can reward one more thing, you can hurt you.

Somewhere, it is impossible to survive unless you eat something, and you will be killed entirely.

Predator sometimes attacks multiple objects simultaneously

Berserker Predator
From the stronger Berserker Predator “Predators (2010)” than usual


After finishing the battle, confirm that there are multiple bodies. From ‘Predators (2010)’

“Predator (1987)” was a battle between one Predator and the elite troops of the US military.
“Predator 2 (1990)” is also basically a battle against one predator.
In “Predators (2010)” the stage becomes extra-terrestrial planet, but here we are attacked by three predators.

Moreover, rather than an individual’s predator, the stronger Berserker Predator is the target of “Predators (2010)”.

There are rules that do not attack people, pregnant women, etc. who do not attack

We do not attack unarmed
Knowing that you can not be attacked if you do not have a gun, you will miss a captive woman. From “Predator”


It is not an indiscriminate attack.
“Left” stopped attacking because he found a predator’s eyes, a fetus. “Right” was attacked temporarily by Predator, but was later protected female detectives. From “Predator 2 (1990)”

Predator is a hunter who enjoys “hunting”, I think human beings like lions and tigers.

However, there are those rules in the case of attack, possessing “weapons”, seems to decide who is going to attack.

You can see that people without weapons and pregnant women have the right to not attack.

Even if you defeat your friends you respect courtesy of the winners

From another predator “Predator 2 (1990)” that appeared after being defeated by a human being

Predator loves fighting a lot and felt that weighting warrior is important.
In “Predator 2 (1990)”, after human beings have won Predator over a long period of time, a plurality of predators will newly appear for a while also with a sense of security.
However, the new Predator does not attack humans.

They came to pick up fellow warriors (Predator) who could break the battle.
Besides, I hand over “1715 years’ gun” as “loot” to the human who won the battle and go back home.

It is a scene that you can see that the Predator is not a murderer who prefers to slay slanderily.


“Predator series” is an SF thriller movie.

This time I reviewed the features of Predator (Predator (1987), Predator 2 (1990), Predators (2010)) predator, centering on legitimate sequel, 3 books.

The time axis is connected to these three works.

In the first work, elite troops battle against someone in the jungle and a story that the unit was destroyed leaving one person is said in the second work and the third work.

Perhaps, the “The Predator” released from tomorrow will be the fourth piece of a legitimate sequel, so the time axis will surely be connected.

Because, in the summer of 1987, Shane Black who became the first victim in the unit with a joke who was in the jungle is in charge of supervision of this movie.


Shane Black
From Shane Black ‘Predator (1987)’


Shane Black
Director Shane Black (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

The blog release has come to light, but from tomorrow I will publish the new work “The Predator” at the same time Japan and the United States.
It is pleasure.

As above, “Habits of 10 Predators! If you know only this,” The Predator “will be more enjoyable.”

Until the end Thank you for reading.

It was Joe (@Joe90738682).

Well then ~ ♪


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