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The PredatorFilm

Hello I love movies is Joe (@Joe90738682).

The Japan – US simultaneous publication “The Predator” was finally released.

Wow, I enjoyed it.

It was nice to see it.

As always I think that the leading actor of the Predator series is not a starring actor but a predator. 
The last will be knocked down, I will be bogged down, but the absolute hero is a predator.

That hopeful love affair.

Predator If you look at people with love, I think that starring actors are flowers that firm up aside.
The Predator this time was also the most disastrous.
And I thought that this lead role is Predator and Raleigh (child). 
The reason for this will be introduced in this article.

“The Predator” I will introduce my impression without spoilers.

【2/10 18 additional update】
Lastly we have 5 tickets and reviews. 

Because of the nature of the review, some spoiler is included.


Movie “The Predator”

Synopsis Quote: Movie “The Predator” Official Site

A senior Raleigh found a mysterious device, formerly a special member of the mercenary who Mercenary father Quinn acquired in Mexico, from the box. That device he started up was a signal that gave the Predator a call to the earth …

Quin who was confined to the top secret agency of the government trying to hide the situation by contact with Predator. He will escape with rogue soldiers called Rooney and struggle to save the son and the human race who is in danger of it!

Predator who reappeared before mankind again upgraded at gene level using DNA of other species. It was stronger and smarter. In addition, the “Ultimate · Predator” suddenly appeared, which had overwhelming power far exceeding the usual predator! How should mankind confront …!


directed byShane Black (Predator 1987 Elite Unit Hawkins role)
ScreenplayFred · Decker
Shane · Black
draftCharacter Creation
Jim Thomas
John Thomas
ProductionJohn Davis (1, 2, E VS P, AVP 2, Predators)
Lawrence Gordon (Predator, Predator 2)
Joel Silver (Predator, Predator 2)
AppearanceBoyd Holbrook (role of Logan Donald Pierce, etc.)
Trevante Rose (role of Moonlight Sharon)
musicsHenry Jackman
Production company20th Century Fox
Silver Pictures

Finished watching the movie “The Predator”

It is a breathless flow from the beginning.

Father Quin (Boyd / Holobrick) gets the mysterious device of Predator as official synopsis, but “I get involved in such things, but I got a mysterious device! It is a feeling that it is not a person.

Even if FBI had such a hard time with “Predator 2 (1990)”, I could not obtain the equipment of Predator after all, but I was putting Quinn’s father in hand.

Moreover, his son, Raleigh (Jacob Trenbure) , operates a mysterious device and brings him from outer space !

Quinn, Raleigh is a noisy parent and child!

Jacob Tremblain ‘s role as a role of Raleigh is also amazing , there is a thing that approaches truly.
Although it may be too praise, it is a performance that Joaquin Phoenix plays in truth like a role played in “The Master” .

He is a child actor, but he became a fan of Jacob.
I’m looking forward to seeing how it grows.

Returning to the story of the movie, I think you know if you watch the trailer, but this time two types of predators will come out.

If the conventional predator is 2.3 m of the predator of the universe , it is the ultimate predetor (Ultimate Predator) of 3.3 m (from official Twitter information).

It’s cool!
If 2.3 m is the worst wrestler, 3.3 m is a supernovae ‘s big berserk wrestler, and it is a type that does not make a big bite even if everyone is bundled.

If you think there is an announcement of the Ultimate Predator, new predators’ weaponsand spaceships will be released to the public !

Predators came out to those guys also will come out!

I think that it’s fun because I can not see it getting tired until the end.

It is an entertainment movie whose fear and humor are intertwined properly as before.
It’s not just a scary horror movie.
People who are not good at horror are also enjoyable movies.

From the cast “The Predator”

Boyd Holbrook (name Queen · McKenna)

Boyd Holbrook
  • Name: Boyd Holbrook
  • Birth date: September 1, 1981
  • Hometown: USA
  • Major casting work: “LOGAN / Logan (2017)”, playing the enemy role Donald Pearce etc.

This time, the central figure who fights Predator.
It is a so-called general hero.
He is a mercenary member of a former special forces. I encounter a lost spaceship and will be involved in the incident.
I will play Quin, a man who will not give up to the end.
It seems to be the hero and it shows us the first time in no way as expected.

 Jacob Tremblay (Roley McKenna)

Jacob Tremblay
Jacob Tremblay
  • Name: Jacob Tremblay
  • Birth date: October 5, 2006
  • Hometown: Canada
  • Major casting work: “Room (2015)” is a 5-year old boy who grew up in a room isolated from the outside world. The film has received high acclaim at home and abroad, such as receiving the audience award at the 40 th Toronto International Film Festival.
    I watched a trailer of “Room”, which is the movie I’d like to check later.

Son of the hero Quinn.
A boy who attracts Predator who is the cause of trouble.
It is the first child in the Predator series.
I think he is the hero of the shadow of this movie.
Even though the body is small, there is a great presence.
I am feeling that there is a genius child character Jacob Trenbure in the world.

Olivia Munn (role name Dr. Cayce Bracket)

Olivia Man
Olivia Man
  • Name: Olivia Munn
  • Birth date: July 3, 1980
  • Hometown: USA
  • Major works: “X-MEN: Apocalypse” such as the role of the rock

A scholar registered in the government as an advisor when encountering intellectual extraterrestrial life.
It is called from the secret agency of the government by the emergence of Predator.
It is Yancha’s strong loser.
Although it is red-eyed in the fighting main battlefield, she was also cool as a warrior.


In the movie ‘The Predator’, besides the casts introduced above, voters of veterans who fight together and other secret organizations of the government are involved.

Because “Predator” comes out in translation, not everyone can survive safely.

Who will survive? What?

Anyway, these are the 5 points!

  1. New type Ultimate Predator!
  2. Predator’s new weapon! What?
  3. Predator’s space ship secret release!
  4. A new way of producing optical camouflage!
  5. Battle against infiltration of Predator!

All are watching o (^ o ^) o All the exciting stories.

Review the movie from here (Including material elements) 【2/10 18 additional update】

The bottom part from here is a movie review.
Review includes movie recommendations, highlights and critiques.
Introduction about the topic under consideration is also included.
Also, since I watched a movie, it is also an article for people who want to fit together.
Please watch it if you do not mind spoiling.
Please do not go any further from here to sorry.


* Movie spoiler area Start here

It was an entertainment predator

Predator in a rampage at a secret base

Predator series I have seen all but I thought that it was the first time that this entertainment was so high.
Because there were a lot of episodes.

It was totally different from Predator which is dark feeling so far.

  1. At the beginning, the main character who recovers the equipment of the predator from a crashing spaceship Quinn McKenna
  2. Battle with preliminary encounter pre-data
  3. Rampage of Predator who aroused at secret base and escape play
  4. Quinn’s son Raleigh, who decodes the equipment of the predator and manipulates it
  5. Son Railey’s rescue play hit by a hound dog (Space dog, also on Predators)

There are still more episodes than this number.
In order for us to be pleased with our predecessor fans, we propose new elements while incorporating the characteristics of conventional predators.
And it seems that we made the horror element thinner and made it into a violence action movie so that the first person can see without resistance.

I made polite episodes and finished in a movie with a bright image overall.

I do not know where is the biggest place

I could have reduced episodes!

Just before escape
McKenna parent and child just before escaping from Ultimate Predator

Although it is good that the episode has increased and the entertainment has increased, in my answer I asked, “Where is the best show episode?” I was struggling to answer.

I’d like to introduce ‘showroom episode’ in writing a review, but I can not think of it.

Of course, the final battle with the Ultimate Predator which everything resolves is an important scene and it is one of the showroom episodes.

However, the final battle is climax to the last.
I would like to review important scenes up to the climax, but it is difficult for the key story to be talked about, as the number of gaze points has increased too much.
It is common thing when it is a big movie.

  • Where are you going to rescue your son from a secret agency?
  • Or where my son can open the spaceship?
  • Guerilla warfare in the forest?
  • After McKenna was cleared of Ultimate Predator?

Each one is carefully portrayed and the episode is alive, in me.
There was no unrecovered foreshadow, and there was no ambiguous depiction.
There is a rampage in each episode.
However, since I made it carefully, I had too many episodes, so I felt it was made not to feel sharp.

That’s why I do not know the biggest point of view.

I think that it is regrettable because it was a good movie.

Should I have had familiar victims issued as soon as possible

Veteran’s soldier Rooney and the main character Quin · McKenna (second person from the right)

I also feel that I have increased people and people.
Because the number of people has been increased too much, the clatter and the character continue to die and end in the final stage.

I did not need to forcefully kill and I think that there was a feeling of tension like the first piece of predator called “Next is me?” If I kill the characters and die in turn from the first half.
I am prepared for the side I am watching, but, “Oh, I wanted Baxley alive!” There should have been time to think.
But suddenly too suddenly, I have not had a sorrowful spirit nor a lingering feeling I am watching.
This was the most disappointing part of my work.

I narrowed down the episode and added sharpness, I think that it became a better movie if the rush has been added where the victim comes out, I think that the point of view was clearly understood.

It is not until then that it is different place to think that each person is a point of view.

Where distinctly different from the past

This is my subjectivity, so it is more impressive than review.
Predator’s films so far have been drawn on “people who were tricked by Predator.”
It is a story that brought “Predator to the main axis” rather than a human being.

This time, “Person who confronts Predator” was drawn.
So “main axis is human”.

Do they seem to be similar but different nuances?

Even in the past movies, there was a leading actor, but I thought that hero was always a predator.
However, this time I think that McKenna parent and child was the story of the human side, completely the hero.

The purpose of each of the predators who appeared in the work was also elucidated, and Makkenna parents survived safely, and it was a Happy Happy New Year.
Nonetheless, the immediate crisis has gone but the fundamental crisis has not yet gone away, it was a way of finishing hinting the next work anyway.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

It was Joe (@Joe90738682).

Well then ~ ♪


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