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As two horror movies will be released in September, first of all, in preparation for the spin-off of the “The Nun”, “The Nun” released in the current month, “The Conjuring (2013)” “The Conjuring2 (2016) “,” Annabelle (2014) “” Annabelle: Creation (2017) “were collectively watched.

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The movie series of the dead museum is new in the horror movie world, and also major-scale work.

There are many fans.
I like this series.

I organized and summarized the information until I was satisfied.


Relationship between evil exorcism and movies

Pay the devil
Excercise scene of the movie ‘The Exorcist (1973)’

Many movies of exorcism are emerging in the world.

The most major and oldest work in exorcism exorcism has “The Exorcist (1973)”.
Also, devils are appearing at “The Conjuring  (2013)” , “The Conjuring 2 (2016)”, “The Annabelle (2014)” , ” Annabelle: Creation (2017)” ,  “The Nun (2018)”.

A demon comes out in many movies and “exorcism” is done, but there is something in common with all of them.
It is the point that an exorcist of a Christian Catholic church comes out.

In the movie “Dead Reva”, only the priest whose ability is recognized by the Catholic Church can bear the exorcist .
In the movie ‘Exorcist’ the priest is called to exorcise demons.
Generally, the priest is also called a priest, who performs masters, baptisms, etc. and is appointed clergy.

Besides the Catholic church in Christianity there is a Protestant (a Christian denomination separated from the Catholic Church), but this is not a priest, a pastor. 
Unlike the priest, the pastor is called a teacher, not a priest, and is required to spread faith .

Depending on the denomination there is Protestant exorcism , but I have never heard of a movie made story.

In the Catholic Church, we are officially conducting the “Exorcist Training Course”, which seems to be massive and has reality, making it easy to make a movie.

Catholic churchProtestant
Do priests (priests), priests and
other ceremonies such as massage and baptismal
Pastor (teacher)
A person in the position of widening faith and guiding faith
Also called nuns, nuns, sistersThere is no sister
Exorcist (Father approved from the Vatican) exorcises the devil A demon who
is made into a film Exorcis is almost a priest
Ambiguity about exorcism is excluded because of the diversity by denomination

What is Ed and Lorain Warren and his wife in the movies “The Nun” and “Annabel Series”

Warren family
Warren family

First of all, it is a review of basic information.

“The Conjuring (2013)” “The Conjuring2 (2016)” visualized the incident actually investigated by the extraordinary phenomenon researcher Ed and Lorein Warren who became famous in the United States in the latter half of the 20th century It is a work.

These couple are real people, the incident is actually occurring.
I can not judge about the truth or falsehood ,,,,,,,,.

Patrick Wilson plays Ed Warren in “The Conjuring” and “The Conjuring2”, and Vera Farmiga plays Lorraine Warren.
In addition, although “Annabelle” “Annabelle: Creation” is a spin-off movie of “The Conjuring”, the incident involving the subject “Annabel Doll” exists (see below).

About Ed & Lorain Warren and Mr. and Mrs.

Left Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) / Right Loraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) from “The Conjuring (2013)”

Ed is a devilist, writer, lecturer and others working as a living.
In the movie, it is set as a devil researcher of the non-clergy who was the only Catholic church authorized. 
Even Catholics do not seem to be deacons or exorcists (normal).
In fact, Ed was died in 2006.

Mrs. Lorraine is performing at the 2013 conference. Currently 91 years old.
It is professed to have Clairvoyance ability (perspectively, clairvoyant thing), and the production of similar skills is being done even in the making of a movie.

  • Husband Edward Warren Miney September 7, 1926 – 23 August 2006 Demonologist, writer, lecturer
  • Mrs. Lorraine Rita Warren Born January 31, 1927, have Clairvoyance ability, support your husband

Main investigation cases of Ed & Lorain Warren

I compiled a part of the incident records of the actual Ed and Loraine Warren couple at the time.

  1. Student nurse obtained Raggedy Ann doll in 1968, according to Annabelle & Lorraine Warren.
    As the doll acts strange, when a student nurse consulted a mediaman, he tells us that the spirit of a dead girl named “Annabelle Higgins” is in the doll.
    Student nurse and roommate accepted the doll that contained the spirit of the dead girl and tried to live together, but eventually they could not stand the malicious behavior of the doll, and the warrior and the wife said that “the devil is inhabited” I am consulting. The episodes of these student nurses are drawn at the beginning of the “Deadly Center”.
    【Related movies “The Conjuring”, “Annabelle”, “Annabelle: Creation”]
  2. Amity Bill
    December 1974 A mass murder incident in Amityville village in Suffolk County, New York was reported heavily in the United States.
    In this case Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed his parents, two brothers and two sisters.
    A couple of years later, in December 1975, couple George and Kathy Lutz purchase an accident property house.
    Ed and Lorain Warren asserts that they are leaving 28 days after being suffering from various paranormal phenomena. It seems that the feature of purchasing cheap property of accident property and the feature that there is a hidden room not in the design drawing is utilized in the idea of ​​the property of the movie “Dead Reborn”.
    [Many horror movies are being produced. The name comes up also in the Enfield case. 】
  3. Enfield Poltergeist
    In August 1977, Peggy Hodgson (mother of mother and child family) moved two of the four children (perhaps a bed), and when hearing the knocking sound from the wall, he told the police from the neighbor’s house I am calling (the name of the town is Enfield).
    Looking at the record at the time, there seemed to be a girl flying in the air as in the movie, and a state where Janis of the Hodgson girl talked with the voice of an adult male.
    Although the state of the interview of the Hodgson Family is drawn in painting, the actual recording tape of that time is released after the movie is over.
    【Related movies The Conjuring2】

    Hodgson Family
    Actual coverage photos of the Hodgson Family
  4. Peron Family In
    1971, Mr. and Mrs. Warren say that the ghosts of the witches who lived in the early 19th century are possessed by Harrisville, Ireland, at the home of the Peron family.
    The name of the witch is Barasieba (Bathsheba). Cursed the land and the women died as many people who lived there, they say.
    【Related movie The Conjuring】

    Peron family
    Peron family’s interview photograph

Several other survey records are also left.

Basic information on the director, production, cast etc. of the movies “The Conjuring Series” and “Annabel Series”

The NunAnnabelle: CreationAnnabelleThe ConjuringThe Conjuring2
Era settingBefore 19571957196719711977
Directed byColin HardyDavid F. SandbergJohn R LeonettiJames WanJames Wan
ScreenplayGary DobermanGary DobermanGary Dauberman
Sunrise Dango
Chad Hayes
Cary W. Hayes
Chad Hayes
Cary W. Hayes
James One
David Leslie Johnson
ProductionPeter Saffron
James Wan
Peter Saffron
James Wan
Peter Safran
Rob Kowan
Tony de Rosa = Grand
Peter Safran
Rob Kowan
Peter Safran
Rob Kowan
Executive ProducerRichard Brenner
Walter Hamada ·
Dave Neustosta
· Gary Doberman
Richard Brenner
Walter Hamada ·
Dave Neustosta
· Hans Ritter
Richard Brenner
Walter Hamada ·
Dave Neustosta
· Hans Ritter
Walter Hamada
Dave Neustosta
Walter Hamada
Dave Neustosta
AppearanceTaissa Farmiga
Demian ·
Bitil Jonah Broke
Bonnie Aarons
Stephanie Sigman ·
Talita Bateman ·
Lulu Wilson
· Philippa ​​Coulthard
Annabel Wallis
Ward Houghton
Alfred Woodard
Vera Farmiga
Patrick Wilson
Vera Farmiga
Patrick Wilson
musicsAbel Kogenio UsukiBenjamin WalfishJoseph VisharaJoseph VisharaJoseph Vishara

The order of disclosure is different from the time series, and is released alternately in the “The Conjuring Series” and “Annabell Series” as described below.

[Public order]

  1. The Conjuring in 2013
  2. Anniversary of the year 2014 dolls
  3. The Conjuring 2 in 2016
  4. Birth of Annabel Ghost Doll in 2017
  5. The Nun in 2018 (released on September 21, Japan)

On the 21st, “Sister of the Dead Reva” published on the original title is new title.
The original title “The Nun” of “The Deadly House Sister” means “Sister” in Japanese.

Those listed above are arranged from the left in order of the time setting, but if you have never seen these series yet, just watch “Dead Space Museum Enfield incident”, always “The Nun” Please look.
“Sister of the Dead Spirit House” is a spin-off work of the devil Waraku that appears in the “Deadly Center Enfield case”.

The “Annabelle”, “Annabelle: Creation” is a spin-off work of “The Conjuring”.

If you have plenty of time and want to enjoy all the works, please be enjoyed in the free order.

Taissa Farmiga, a sister of a new work “The Nun”, sisters with Mrs. Warren, Vera Farmiga

This time, Taissa Farmiga playing the role of Sister in “The Nun”.

It was a year-old sister of Vera Farmiga who has a see-through ability in the “The Conjuring Series” and plays a role Lorein Warren with her husband Ed Warren.

I feel a mischief of destiny to join a movie of the same series by my sister.

Unfortunately, I have not seen it yet, so I think that this work will be the first time for the work of Taissa Farmiga.
We debuted in 2011, after 2013 I have participated in numerous works, and I am looking forward to an actor from now on.

"Sister of the Dead Space Center" Tyssa Famicega playing the role of sister
“The Nun” Taissa Farmiga playing the role of Sister
  • English inscription: Taissa Farmiga
  • Birthday: August 17, 1994
  • Hometown: USA / New Jersey

Tissa is the youngest child of the seven brothers, Vera is the second of the seven brothers and the difference between the two years is 21 years old.


Vera Famiga playing Loraine Warren.
Vera Farmiga who plays Loraine Warren


The Nun, Annabel Casebook Summary

I tried put together the released movie information.

Annabelle: CreationAnnabelleThe ConjuringThe Conjuring2
Era setting
  • 1945
  • Mainly in 1957
  • It will be portrayed 12 years after the incident
1967Mainly in 19711977
Things of duty The sister of the orphanage and the place where the children moved were cursed houses Rare doll brought by her husband I bought a house where there was a murder case and moved.The household goods of the house I lived was the thing of the former residents
People attacked
  • Mullins
  • Sister
  • Orphans
  • Mia Form
  • Father Perez
  • Evelyn
Peron familyHodgson family
Major ghosts and demonsHistory of “Annabel Doll” foundThrough the “Annabel doll”, you can target the soul from the devil
  • Witches that cursed land Wall Barashiba
  • Spirits victimized by Barasya Bar
  • Will Wilkins (72) former residents
    The Prince of the Duke of the Hell
  • Wisher man

Three stages until the devil possessed by humans

Three stages until the devil possessed by humans

  1. Infestation
    informs existence by whispering or making a sound
  2. Attack (Oppression)
    Here, the devil
    attacks and weakens a mentally fragile person who defines the target and deprives the power of intention
  3. Possession (Possession)
    attack will weaken the power of intention to get to the possession of the final stage

Five features of human being possessed by demons

  1. Speak a language the principal does not know
  2. Information that the principal can not know, for example, events and events occurring in the distance
  3. Exercise the strength that the principal does not have
  4. Try lying to keep away from you so that you will not notice the opponent becoming the Father or your enemy
  5. Getting to hit people

“The Nun” spin off of “The Conjuring2”

Valak (VALAK) confronting Lorraine Warren at “The Conjuring2”

Did you see the creepy sister (Nun) that appears in the trailer of “The Nun?”

That sister is a demon that appeared in the “The Conjuring2”.
The devil ‘s name is Valak.
They came out in the dreams of Mrs. Warren and hurt the Hodgson in the real world.

The devil’s name also comes to the official website of this new work “The Nun” and the trailer.

Consider the time setting of “The Nun”


It is a story that you can tell if a movie is published, but I will consider it from the situation that I understand now since it is still before release.

In the advertisement of the movie, “the evil spirit hall” “Annabel” series is a source of evil. “From the fact that it says, it is said that it was before” Annabelle: Creation “in the setting of the times.

The time when the devil (Anonymous name) using the Annabel doll (name unknown) begins to involve the doll craftworker Samuel and his wife Ester is unknown exactly, but after the two children ‘s boy died.
Speaking of the era setting in the work, in 1945, Bee died in “Annabelle: Creation”.
From this point onwards it is said that Devil Warak appeared at least until 1945 or earlier.

Although it is a story understood if it is disclosed, it becomes matter of concern.

In the United States it is open from September 7th, so you may find it by looking for an English review, but I will keep it in the next two days’ fun.


The “The Conjuring” series is a huge hit with over 135 million yen worldwide box office income.

As for the “The Nun”, the fear of the “Dead Reborter” “Annabel” started here from here – so that devils other than Valak will come out?

The story is as follows

Story quotation of “The Nun”

This fear, no waste of praying.

In 1952 Romanian monastery a sister disappears its own life.
To suicide with many mysterious points, the church dispatches Father Bark and apprentice Sister Irene to the monastery.
As they pursue this case, they will confront with the unprecedented horror “Sister Varak of the devil” with the secret hidden in the monastery.
What is secret that exceeds the imagination hidden in this monastery? And what is the purpose of the devil ‘s sister! What?

The audience finally gets to the truth of the fear of the “The Conjuring” and “Annabel” series.

The Nun Trailer

I think I will wait for the release on September 21.

As mentioned above, “10” facts about “The Conjuring” and “Annabel” series! It was relieved if you read this only before “The Nun”.

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