The movie “THE NUN” impression and review (hypothesis of series other than VALAK) 【2/10 18 update】


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The spin-off of “The Conjuring” series “THE NUN” It was fun to the highest.

If you are a fan, there is no mistake.
Also, even if you are not a fan, this work is coolest, beautiful and scary at its best. 
It is a work I do not regret even if I see it.

“The Conjuring (2013) “that was made based on the incident file actually investigated since the Eddie & Lolain · Warren researcher in the United States actually existed in 1960,” The Conjuring 2( 2016) “movie.

The spin-off of this “Enfield case The Conjuring 2” is the “THE NUN” this time.

I watched the whole series this week with Hulu and Amazon Video.

  • “The Conjuring (2013)”
  • “The Conjuring 2 (2016)”
  • “Annabelle (2015)”
  • “Annabelle: Creation (2017)”

Personally I like the “The Conjuring 2” so much fun.
But, which one was scared? And when asked, it is “Annabelle: Creation”.

Which works are you most interesting and scary?
please tell me about that if you do not mind.
Even blog comments, Twitter comments are OK.

We rewritten 2/10 18 and added “review”. 
Review is after the 6th index of the table of contents. 
Due to the nature of the review, spoiler is included.


An impression of “The Nun”

Locate the real castle and medieval fortress and draw a fictitious monastery.
Two real castles of the 14th century, based on the medieval old fortress, the appearance and the interior are finished in one monastery
A prayer
Scene of prayer. You can see that there is too much atmosphere no matter what picture you see.

Thanks to all the work and preparation of the Catholic church in preparation, I was able to smoothly enter the world of the story.

Buildings, townscapes, etc. are made using works of actual location, so it is not easy for CG at all.
At any rate the atmosphere is too good, it is the atmosphere that demons and evil spirits really seem to come out.
Regarding the theater monastery, it seems to be showing up to one building by performing the location with the two fortresses built in the 14th century and the old medieval fortress.

Horror feeling Max was from the beginning.

Since spoiler is not my intention, contents can not be introduced, but how many times have you been afraid of being “jumping up!” In the movie theater?
I am glad that there are no people next door.

I wonder if there were many action elements of the actor.
Even though it’s an action, it’s not a “battle” action like a biohazard or a predator.
It is a scene which is devastated by a devil and hits a wall.

Demian Bichir (178 cm), the crown priest, has a solid body on the priest who came out in “Exorcist (1973)”, so it seemed to be OK even if it was somewhat rough.
However, Tissa · Firmiga (163 cm) acting as a sister looked petite and I was fair and pretty, I was worried if I did not get hurt.

The plot of the talk was a work that betrayed my expectation greatly (in a good sense), but the hints that were issued in the work were also recovered firmly (although I do not notice as a hint when the episode comes out), it was refreshing .

I thought that it was a satisfactory work even if I went to see it again during the exhibition once again.

Both Father and Sister were cool.

Demian Bitil (role of priest Park)

Demian Bichir
Demian Bichir (Father Burke)
  • Unnamed: Demián Bichir
  • Hometown: Mexico Coahuila Torreon
  • Birth date: August 1, 1963

First time in the series, Father who visits the scene.
How reassuring it is.
Also, it looks handsome and smart, it is stylish and surprisingly wallujah style as well.
What kind of past do you have in what position Father Father Park is playing by Demian Bichir?
I have a solid body, so why can I see VALAK’s neck cracking with strength ?,,,.
Well, it will be impossible because I think physical attributes will not work.
Well, will Father Bark survive to the end?

Tissa · Firmiga (role as Sister · Eileen)

Taissa Farmig
Taissa Farmiga(Sister Irene)
  • Name: Taissa Farmiga
  • Hometown: USA / New Jersey
  • Birth date: August 17, 1994

This is the first time in the series, Sister confronting the devil.
There is a sense of transparency, a mysterious atmosphere.
And, it is cute.
It plays a role of an inexperienced sister, but I am reliable to notice my role in the movie and grow up.

It is the younger sister of Vera Farmiga who plays the role of Loraine Warren, who was active in perspective with the see-through capability at “The Concubine (2013)” and “The Conjuring 2 (2016)
It is 21 years old difference.
I did not notice with photos alone, but when I saw it on the screen, it was just like my sister atmosphere and face.
Although it is Tissa · Firmiga, although he is not good at horror, he is a cute person who has a lot of horror movies.
why? Was she appointed to this movie?
Does not it bother you?

If you watch “The Conjuring  (2013)” and “The Conjuring 2 (2016)”

As for fans, I think that it is being seen in the previous work, let’s review the two works of “The Conjuring (2013)” “The Conjuring 2 (2016)”.

Of course, it is a story of “VALAK” that appeared in the Enfield case.
Since there is a review of the “Enfield incident” at the beginning of this volume, you can enjoy it even at first look, but please have a look if there is room.

Bonnie Aarons (The Nun role)

Bonnie Aarons
Bonnie Aarons (The Nun)
  • Unnamed: Bonnie Aarons
  • Hometown: USA Los Angeles
  • Birth date: June 3, 1979

VALAK, that’s why she plays this time as the chief of the demon’s Marquis serpent (Lorein Warren calls Enfield case).

Is it the same person when arranging pictures? The atmosphere is different, is not it?
When I first saw VALAK, the vagrancy (disturbedness) is separated from humans, so I think if it is CG, it is being performed.

Just as she stood behind the scenes, the actors seemed to have an episode that cold air ran in the spine.

By the way, it seems that Bonnie Aarons also appeared on the “Annabelle: Creation of Annabel Ghost Doll” as a cameo.
Have you noticed that you were appearing in a cameo?
I did not notice, so I think I will review it again.


In the United States,  THE NUN” which was screened one week ago.
It seems that it first ranked in box office revenue when it first appeared.

[Los Angeles 9th (Reuters) – According to Variety · dot · com, weekend North American movie box office income rankings are 53.5 million (Sep. 21, Japan Sister Annabelle: Creation) of horror movie “Warner Bros.” He earned the dollar (about 5.94 billion yen) and became the leader in the first appearance.

In the United States, Christianity is a familiar religion, so it is easy to understand both the story and the world view.

In that respect, many Japanese have less familiarity with Christianity, so there is a fear that entertainment may be halved if you watch “Sister Annabelle: Creation” at knowledge shortage.
I learned about Christianity, especially the Catholic church, so I was able to enjoy more thanks to the great success of my sister and Sister.

Sister trailer of the dead museum

This fear, no waste of praying.

In 1952 Romanian monastery a sister disappears its own life.
To suicide with many mysterious points, the church dispatches Father Bark and apprentice Sister Irene to the monastery.
As they pursue this case, they will confront with the unprecedented horror “Sister Varak of the devil” with the secret hidden in the monastery.
What is secret that exceeds the imagination hidden in this monastery? And what is the purpose of the devil ‘s sister! What?

The audience finally gets to the truth of the fear of “The Conjuring” and “Annabelle” series.

As mentioned above, “THE NUN” impression blog. No spoiler “was.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

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[Extra] Cute Tassa · Firmica




Review movies from here (spoilers)

The bottom part from here is a movie review.
Review includes movie recommendations, highlights and critiques.
Introduction about the topic under consideration is also included.
Also, it is an article for people who want to fit the neta since I watched the movie.
Please watch it if you do not mind spoiling.
Please do not go any further from here to sorry.


* Movie spoiler area Start here

Catholic church and exorcism, and spy movies

At the beginning of the movie, after the monastery scene was over, the scene changed to the Vatican City (the smallest country in the world with a size of about 0.44 square kilometers, a city without a capital).

I think that Japanese people are not familiar with the Christian Catholic church so I will briefly explain.
Christianity is roughly divided into a Catholic church (old religion) and a protestant (a new generation).

Catholic church has exorcist Exorcist, Father, Sister (nun).

Although it is unscrupulous, it is easy for movie fans to understand, and if it is roughly analogized by a spy movie, it is like this.

  • Catholic headquarters “Papal Office”, CAI and MI 6 headquarters
  • The papacy is the highest priest and the top of the state (this time has not appeared)
  • “Bishop” Miss a manager boss
  • “Father” is an agent dispatched to solve problems

However, it is a special priest who has the skills recognized by the church to bear the demon exorcism (Exorcist) among the Father.

In this movie, Father Bark has a special skill and accepted by the church.

Four important hints of this movie

I think that there were four important hints.
Of course, in the end, I think that “the will of God” has predicted everything, and I think that everyone was guided.

The hints that I noted were the following four.

  • Sister who committed suicide at the beginning and some item
  • Selected bishops of the Holy See
  • Father Bark who can exorcize demons
  • Apprentice Sister Irene

“Take the sister of an apprenticeship with land intuition, Father Bark who goes on to pick up a young sister when the bishop told me that there might be an area for men’s forbiddance.”

On the contrary, Irene who answers, “I have no intuition, I am sorry.”
Father Burke who answers “Really? … … Vatican’s decision has something meaningful”.

These two conversations casually, I was noticed later that the Vatican ‘s speculation was hidden behind in the last sentence.

However, even with the speculation of the Vatican or even Irene ‘s skills revealed later , all was the technique that Christ ‘ s willingness could have been, the might of Christ was the greatest hint .

The scene which approaches the core at the most highlight is here

Sister in the dead museum, prayer scene
After praying, the story approaches the core. From the movie “THE NUN”

The scene I thought was the most important sight of me is the scene that I pray with all the sisters of Irene and the monastery in the second half.
The sisters gathered in line and entered the scene where lined with Eileen was a masterpiece.

After this prayer is over, Irene knows that there is something and leads to an important scene to decide for the final battle with the priest.
And I think that the same idea as Eileen comes to me when I realize that there is a side to watch by the end of this prayer scene .
That being something is that only Irene is talking to nuns after arriving at the monastery. 
When Father Bark appeared in a place of prayer, Irene knew a certain fact and I am prepared to devote everything to Christ.

It is a very good movie.

That scene is the biggest sightseeing point and it was a scene to make a chance to approach the core.

Of course, the flow leading to the decisive battle with Varak and the scenes that fight are exciting.
Here all the hypotheses are linked together and converge, Christ the strongest, Eileen best! Good luck to you, Father! And you finished.

Below this is 【【answer matching】】, so do not really read people who have not seen it yet.

Vera Farmiga
Loraine Warren performed by Vera Farmiga has a see-through capability close to a clairvoyant

When Father Bark arrived at the monastery, no, when I saw a sister Frenchi hung the neck, all the nuns in the monastery were already dead, did not they?
Everyone, including Sister, was in the monastery.

This was my interpretation.

Elean greeted the monastery, then Father Bark talking to the franchise is drawn, but at that time Varak should be manipulating the deceased body and talking.

And all the sisters who Irene met and then talked were ghosts, spirits.
Father Bark does not meet with sisters other than the master not once. I can not see it.

So, after Eileen prayed for other sisters in the chapel, when Father Bark appeared all of them were gone, did not they?
Was it a hallucination?

No, Sisters who Irene was talking about was not a hallucination but a spiritual body.
The spirit bodies had led Eileen.
So I was looking at Eileen and had conversation.

I had the same perspective capability (clairvoyance) as Loraine Warren, played by Vera Farmiga, a sister of Taissa Farmiga at the Dead Revolution series “The Conjuring” and “The Conjuring”.

Irene and Loraine were the same abilities.

Eirin and Loraine are suffering from seeing things that can not be seen at a young age, and the same thing that saved by what an understanding person appeared. You can understand this absence by watching “The Conjuring2”.

Not only Waraku but also the point of perspective capability was taken over by “THE NUN”, it was a hint.

I think that you can see the reason why Vera Farmiga’s younger sister, Tissa · Firmiga was adopted as a sister role.


As mentioned above, “The movie “THE NUN” impression and review (hypothesis of series other than VALAK) 【2/10 18 update】”.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

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