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Hello I love movies isJoe (@Joe90738682).

Nowadays, “The Predator”, “Skyscraper”, “Sister of the Dead Revival” etc are very popular.

I saw “The Predator” and “Sister of the Dead Revival”.

Predator hounds are pretty (Predators are scared), the impression that the boy is smart and cute is flowing on Twitter.

Today I will introduce a masterpiece of a boy Jacob Tremblay (11 years old) of “The Predator” as I saw one.

Jacob Tremblay
From “The Predator”, Jacob Tremblay (11 years old)

The above picture is a genius child Jacob Trenbure when he appeared in “The Predator” which is open to the public (September 2018).

What I saw this time is a work three years ago.
It is a work of Jacob Tremblay at around the age of 8 at that time.

Jacob Tremblay
From the movie ‘Room’, 5 years old Jacob Tremblay then 8 years old
Jacob Tremblay
Also from the movie ‘Room’, 5 years old Jacob Tremblay then 8 years old

“The Predator” also seemed clever, I thought it was cute, but the “room” is more young and cute and has courage.
It is a boy who tickles maternity.
Do not you look like a girl at first sight?

I will introduce Bree Larson who is my mother role and the movie “Room” starred by two people.


Synopsis of movie “Room”

Mother Joy (Briley Larson) lives in a confinement room with Jack (Jacob Trenbure) who was born during the time being abducted and captured by a rape crime seven years ago.

Jack can not be told that there is a world outside the “room”, and he does not know that there is a human world other than their own on the other side of the wall.

At the age of 5 and wisdom began to arrive at Jack, Mother Joy teaches that outside world, the world of television is reality, not falsehood, and trying to newly give a correct view of the world.

It is confused with the development of a sudden talk, but Jacquit who began to be interested in the outside world still.
Mother Joy gets a hint from “Earl of Monte Cristo” which he reads, pretends to deceive the boy to carry out, and plans to call out to the outside world.

Practicing the plan after it was taken out again and again, repeatedly by two people, the mother entrusts everything to the five-year old boy.

“Jump off at the first pause”
“Track will stop”
“Shout if someone sees it”

This far is the first half of the movie 50 minutes.

Jack is safely taken out as a dead body, but when he jumps off the track he is noticed and catches up.
However, somehow it is protected by the police.

Jack had forgotten Mama’s name, but parents are protected by the memory and police officers since he left Jack.

After being protected, Jack makes an effort to familiarize himself with the outside world, but he is puzzled by the unknown world.

Can parents and children of two be happy! What?

DirectorRenee Abrahamson
Original / ScreenplayEmma Donahue
Product designEthan Thoman
musicsStephen Renix
  • Brie – Larson
  • Jacob Tremblay
  • Joan Allen
  • William H. Macy

How to watch

  • There is from YouTube subtitle version / dub version 300 yen
  • Hulu Subtitled version · Dubbed version available
  • NetFlix dubbing only
  • Amazon Video Subtitle / Dubbed Prime Video 0 yen Yes (400 yen for General Rental)

* It is information as of September 24, 2018 * In
order to enjoy Jacob’s play, I recommend “subtitle” version.

Cast · starring 2 people

Jacob Tremblay

Jacob Tremblay
From the movie “Room” Jacob Tremblay
  • Birth date: October 5, 2006
  • Place of birth: Canada British Columbia Vancouver
  • Debut: 2013
  • Major works: “Room (2015)” “Wonder is the Sun (2017)” “The Predator (2018)”

Juvenile boy who was in the “room” and mama was all in the world until five years old.
To escape my favorite mom, the escape scenes that unleash all the courage of all are touched.

Mommy / Joy New Sam (Brie Larson)

Brie Larson
From “Room” Brie Larson
  • Birth date: October 1, 1989
  • Place of birth: Sacramento, California, USA
  • Ethnic French-Americans
  • Main appearances: “Short term (2013)” “Room (2015)” “King Kong: God of the skull island (2017)”

I have won the following awards in “Room”. 
Awarded Best Academy Actress Award
Golden Glove Award Best Actress Award (Drama Division) Winning
National Board of Review Award 2015 Best Actress Award Winner

A woman kidnapped, confined and raped on the way back from the school at the age of 17. I have been locked in for seven years and live in the same room as my 5-year-old son.

I love my son so much, but I have a worry as to what time I’ve lost since I left the room and the choices I’ve chosen for my son Jack in the past were correct.

Finally, the impression of the movie

Juvenile Jack has not had the option of “leaving the room” until now, but suddenly “must go out” is required.

Probably “fear” probably won over the 5-year old boy.
Besides, he loves “rooms”.
“Room” was all his world.
But when I listened to my favorite mother’s favorite, he made a big adventure.

A boy who did not know outside from birth was the first time to see the outside, carried, jumped out of the truck, catching up with the guy, but the scene calling for help went haphazard.

And the scene of reunion with the protected mother.
I can not tell you without tears.

Jack who shows confusion at the beginning in the new world, but still will try hard for her mother to adapt himself very hard.
It is lovely and it can not be helped.
Mom who is trying to keep him so hard is full of love.

But even though my mother returned to the real world, the time inside her was stopped 7 years ago.
However, it is the responsibility as a 24 year old adult, mother who is required from around.
Such a girl crazy from pressure and it gets hospitalized.

At that time Jack will consult with Ba Va (grandmother) to cut his extended hair and raise it to his favorite mama as an amulet.
Tears come out even by remembering this scene.

When escaping from the room Jack will be the mother’s support and after she escapes Mama will be in support of Jack, but when Mama is still crushed by pressure Jack will try to support Mama again.
It was a lovely family love movie.

And, in the last scene Jack bye bye to everything in the past.
It seems to accompany that mother.
Even though he was five years old, he felt very sturdy.

People who do not watch suspense movies or human dramas should think that they can see it in the sense that “there are such movies too”.

That’s it, “Movie” Room (2015) “synopsis and impression blog” was.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

It was Joe (@Joe90738682).

Well then ~ ♪


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