SKYSCRAPER” movie impression and second half spoiler (director Lawson Marshall · Server directed)

SKYSCRAPER” movie impression and second half spoiler (director Lawson Marshall · Server directed)

Hello I am a movie fan Joe ( @Joe90738682).

I came to see “SKYSCRAPER” finally released on Friday last week.

I am writing this article before I watch a movie.

Hollywood movies, surely surely the stage will be China.
There was Li Bingbing at THE MEG, and the beach of Chinese beach came out in the place where MEG was rampant.
It’s Chinese money.

I do not know if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but this movie ‘SKYSCRAPER’ is a Chinese-influenced movie full of China money.

In the first place the stage is in Hong Kong.
It is probably not a necessity that it is Hong Kong, just setting in Hong Kong as a retrofit.

Many movies have budgetary budgets, there are too many episodes and contents are too stuffed.
Because of that, each episode got indigestion to collect hints, tourist spots are being introduced in vain, this actor’s beauty, it’s a heroine, but the play is a heater, you do not have to worry about it There is something you think.
Although I avoid mentioning what kind of movie ,,,,,.

Well, does SKYSCRAPER watch today see China Money ruining movies?

Since I finished watching it and calm down, it is an introduction and a comment on this summary from here.

"The Pearl"
The pearl (Tokyo Sky Tree is 634 m) of 1,066 m skyscraper that will be the stage this time.

Synopsis of “SKYSCRAPER”

Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) is the leader of former FBI hostage rescue unit.
It was involved in the blast of the bomb exploded by the criminal during the rescue operation, eliminating the left foot (below the knee) and retiring the FBI.
Because of failing to rescue, I have a trauma.
Currently I run a crisis management company, I am building a family of four children and my wife and living happily.

He received a request for security assessment of the new skyscraper building “The Pearl (1,066 m)” built in Hong Kong.

We prepared carefully, after security assessment, we planned to leave Hong Kong.

However, a terrorist attacked “The Pearl” and a fire occurred on the 96th floor.
At that time, Will knowing the security information of the building was attacked by terrorists on the ground and Will’s family was left behind on the floor of the fire floor.

Will is also targeted by local police for some misunderstanding, but still must reach “The Pearl” and save the family.

Can you get to the family who is above the fire floor of “The Pearl” through the streets of Hong Kong, which is confused by the fire!
And can you safely return to the ground with your family with terrorists?
What is the purpose of terrorists?

I can not say an action movie without watching this!
A skyscraper, action movie of the highest peak of the 21st century!


“SKYSCRAPER” basic information

Director / Screenplay Lawson Marshall Thurber
Production Po · flynn, pga (Beau Flynn)Dwayne Johnson

Lawson Marshall Server, pga

cast Dwayne Johnson
Neve Campbell
Chin Han
musics Steve Jablonsky

「SKYSCRAPER」Movie Review

Everyone’s hero! Dwayne Johnson (role as Will Sawyer)

Dwayne Johnson
Will Sawyer played by Dwayne Johnson
  • Name Dwayne Johnson
  • Birthday May 2, 1972
  • Height 196 cm
  • Nationality America
  • Major appearances “Jumanji (2017)” “Wild Speed ​​Series”

Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) whose left foot is a prosthesis.
It was a super-do flashy action and production that does not make handicap feel.

Was it really necessary to set prosthetic limbs?
Although the doubt remained, it was a movie that I enjoyed.

Fighting with attacks by terrorists, they fought hard, trying hard to help the family’s life, falling down from the high altitude, cycling around the motorcycle and hi-dabing.

He would have failed to rescue hostages in the FBI era and that he would not be allowed to make a second failure, most of all because he loved his family the most, he would not have given up even if he had not overlooked that over there .

Everyone’s strong mother Neve Campbell (role as Sarah Sawyer)

Neve Campbell
Neve Campbell plays Sarah Sawyer
  • Name Neve Campbell
  • Birth date October 3, 1973
  • Nationality Canada
  • Major film pieces “Scream series”

Will Sawyer’s wife Sarah Sawyer was also an attractive character.
I was aware of watching trailers and interview videos of various places, but Sarah mother was strong and beaten.
And, it is a type which computer is not good at a bit.
There was a type of terrorist physiologically disliked, but when my wife fought back and hurt, I made it scary.
Also, desperately trying to protect children with crossing the unbalanced place with children, it was a shadow hero who saves children and husband from the danger in the most important place.


I personally pointed to a point or two where I was concerned.

One can not say detailed because it becomes spoiler, but it was used several times, such as disappearance of the Korean army. When screening in South Korea I wonder if I will remove that material?

There is an action like going out from the building’s window which was “Mission: Impossible / Ghost Protocol”, but the equipment was amazing in some sense.

Actor Mr. Dwayne played desperately, so I could keep laughing, but I saw it by dividing it as “it’s a movie”.

Even with or without that equipment I did not have any influence on the movie, so I think that it was a directing laugh.


Zhao Long Ji (owner of “The Pearl” played by CHIN HAN)
  • Name CHIN HAN Chin Han
  • Birth date November 27, 1969
  • Nationality Singapore
  • Major appearances “Dark Knight (2008)” “Ghost in the Shell (2017)”

Another thing I was concerned about is the actor of the role of the owner, Jao of the stage “The Pearl”.
Although it is not a matter of laughter, Mr. CHIN HAN who was appearing as a CEO of a Chinese company in Batman’s “DARK NIGHT (2008)” was appointed.
In Batman it was an important figure closer to the Mafia who holds the fund flow of the Mafia.
Mr. Shao played by Jin Han is the owner of “The Pearl”, but please enjoy watching movies to see what kind of person you are in.
※ Actual version, “Ghost in the Shell (2017)” was a role Togusa.

Asian men who come out in Hollywood movies are somewhat distinctive or something like a stereotype.
As Mr. Chin Han is still good, is it only me who thinks that Oriental men with a slight role may not be forced to use it?


Anyway, “SKYSCRAPER” Will Sawyer, Sarah Sawyer and his wife are too strong, it is dazzling.
Their love and courage were so wonderful that the terrorists looked hazy.
I was hoping for a strong and impressive terrorist about Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), a terrorist of “Die Hard (1988)”.

Perhaps, this movie was an action movie with family love as the theme.
If so, even if the terrorist’s shadow is thin, it is not a mistake.

Although the movie itself was completed, since the black curtain did not come out, is it also preparing to make the second film?
It was a way of finishing that there was no sequel to movie-like sequel.

If you make 2nd work, I will strongly hope that two people will come out as a couple.

It was a movie that China Money is sticking to, but since there was no wasteful production in the scenario, I could watch it with confidence to the end.
Actors who were not good at acting were limited as they appeared, so I felt like I did not have to.

My mother also works hard, so it is also a work I would like to take a look at next time with my wife.

For those who watched the movie from below, neta matching (ridiculous spoiler)

Below is the person who saw the movie.
It is an article for people who want to fit the neta since I watched the movie.
Or, please watch it if there is no problem even if it is spoiled.
Please do not go any further from here to sorry.


can not forgive! Lawson Marshall Server Director

Although this movie “SKYSCRAPER”, the comedy element was scattered with Pottsun Pong.

Suddenly in a serious scene, laughter coming down.
But the actors are continuing a super serious play.

At first, there were many things that I do not know whether to laugh or not to laugh.
Sometimes the giggle laughing from the theater was heard and it seems that it was okay though.

If you look closely well, it seems that the director of Lawson Marshall Server of “SKYSCRAPER” is a hit manufacturer of comedy movies.
It was no check, I’m sorry.

Moreover, Dwayne Johnson and the director sometimes made up with “central intelligence”.
It was written in the movie brochure.

Although it is a premonition, the sense which makes a comedy movie which can make quite a laugh is amazing.
I really want to see it.
I’m sorry that I have not seen much comedy movies.

Although it is “SKYSCRAPER”, although finishing it as a serious movie, there were many convincing scenes if it says “It was finished in a movie that brings out Dwayne Johnson’s humor to the utmost.”

But at that time I saw seriously and I was patiently watching that I could not smile.
I am going to have half fun.


The beginning of the movie began with the scene of the woman meeting with his wife, Will Sawyer’s last FBI active incident.

Will Sawyer or Dwayne Johnson was wearing a helmet and it did not look like a bear for a moment, did not he?

FBI era
Will Sawyer of the FBI era (Dwayne Johnson). I do not know because it is not bald.

This is the scene that became the last job of the FBI hostage rescue unit.
Excerpted from the notice of YouTube.

Although it may be unscrupulous, I’m hiding Dodge ‘s trademark’ bald head ‘with a helmet!
Were you laughing here too?

When I was carried in a tanker, I was bald, so I thought you wanted to show that “explode on bald!
Thinking over too much?

Maybe there were lots of other laughable scenes from now on.

But since I was watching it seriously, I guess it was overlooked.

Laughter “Gummedep”
For example, gum tape.

That is a story that makes you smile while laughing Korea.

If you search on “Korean Gummedep” at Google, it will come out.

What is “strongest gum tape?”

This time it might have been a stronger duct tape than a gum tape.

I can laugh with chewing gum tapes.

No way, I used to use gum tapes instead of bandages before breakfast.
Speaking of highway movement at the window of a skyscraper, “Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol”.
In “Ghost Protocol” I used an electronic adsorption glove for high altitude movements, but Rock-sama (Dwayne Johnson’s street name) is a gum tape which is not an electronic adsorption glove.
Lastly, even with the construction owner Mr. Jao of the building owner, the gummedapa came out.
It is foul fun to play laughing at a serious theater.

Mission Impossible
Electronic adsorption glove of “Ghost Protocol”. Tom moves vertically. Rock-sama was walking in the sideways direction.

I was seriously watching, so I could not smile obediently. 
I have no idea whether I can laugh if I do not go to the movies after I am prepared.

Director of Lawson Marshall Server That is foul play, I have to say that it seems that gag elements are full.

That was a laughing place, was not it?

It is impossible as a system shop (director of my web system) to pass root privilege or master administration privilege tablet for security management.

The biggest hint? Well, the reboot (restart) was also a laugh!
But since I was watching seriously, I did not know whether to laugh at that time.

Sleepy, forgive Lawson Marshall Server Director.

I can not forgive anymore.

I went to review the theater once more and this time I want to watch while confidently laughing a lot!
Directed by Lawson Marshall Server! !
I am addicted to your operation!
Fucking, forgiveness. Also, I have to go to the theater ♪

As mentioned above, “SKYSCRAPER” movie impression and second half spoiler (director Lawson Marshall · Server directed) was.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

It was Joe ( @ Joe90738682 ).