Horror movie ‘A QUIET PLACE’ impression and late half spoiler turn (This is a family story)


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“When you make a sound, the movie” A QUIET PLACE)”turned out to be an instant death movie.

I have something to cherish for enjoying movies.

“Believe your intuition” “Check official information” “Prepare social background” “Do not have the thought of doubt”

What I especially important this time is “I do not have the thought of doubt.”

I think that it is not fun to watch a movie with thoughts of doubt like “I wonder how much sound it is” or “I do not have a world without sounds” when “making sounds” .
I tried to have the thought of expectation of “Survive not to make a sound. What will happen if I make a sound?”
I do not have a spirit of tsukkomi, so I decided to accept the view of the world obediently.

I would like to introduce the outlines of the movie, impressions, and movie attractions.
In the second half I write “spoiler”.
Please note that in the spoiler part “I’m marking the neta match for the people who saw the movie from below (spoiler spoiler)”.


A Synopsis of ‘ A QUIET PLACE’

“Something” will come when you make a sound

In a world devastated by “something” reacting to sounds and hitting humans, there was a family of surviving families.
That “something” will not miss even the breathing sound. When someone makes a sound even for a moment, it dies instantly.
Evelyn & Lee’s couple and children who use sign language, walk barefoot, spread sand on the road, live with the quiet,
how much Evelyn is waiting for childbirth.
Will they surely stay silent till the end -?




ProductionMICHAEL BAY, pga





musicsMarco Beltrami

pga (abbreviation for Producers Guild of America)

This story is a story of a family of families left in a world devastated by ‘something’ coming when making sounds

An impression of the work that finished watching “A QUIET PLACE”

Quiet Place
From the movie “Quiet Place”

First of all, “one was the best . 

I was afraid, I jumped up my seat, I was stupid and it is useless! Also I thought.

While the surviving family is desperately trying to stay alive, the fear of side by side death.

Even in “something” of a mystery that destroyed the world, when the last scene was over, I felt a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of security … different feelings of accomplishment and anticipation and a sense of longevity to live.

“Something I do when I make a sound” was awkward and scary. 
With the production like “Jaws (1975)”, the whole thing does not appear easily. 
However, this production fueled more fear.

However, it is not a scary horror movie.
This movie is a devastated world, a survival horror for families to survive.

And when you finish watching it is this movie was a love story of “Abbott family”.

“A QUIET PLACE” Impression about a play without serifs

The play of the actors was super cool and good.

“Do not make sounds” In this world, there are few lines of speech for the actors in terms of settings.

But the actors’ acts were alive.

How do you play scenes without lines? 
This would have been a good example of the competence of the actor.

There were many scenes that were impressive although it was a movie with few serifs.
And the character and emotion of each character was also introduced as a sushi and it was an attractive work.
It may be that the couple EMILY BLUNT and JOHN KRASINSKI were real couples as well.
I think that the relationship between the four protagonists was more dense than that, so I was able to perform such a real act that much.

Especially for EMILY BLUNT playing the role of mother and MILLICENT SIMMONDS for role of eldest daughter I would like to raise leading actress award and supporting actress prize .

“I can not make sound” It is impossible to imagine in our everyday life as a quiet place, unless you experience this extraordinary space in a movie theater, the real good will not be transmitted.
I think that it is a work only to the person who saw in the theater.

The look of the film brochure was shaped like an album, but even though I saw any photo, I came to think of the character’s heart cry.

It was a good work as a horror movie (a work that is different from the “Sister of the Deadly Center” that I saw the other day).
However, it was a convincing work even if introduced as introduction as a horror-tailored movie with the theme of family love as the theme.


So far, this is normal impression without spoilers.

For those who watched the movie from below, neta matching (ridiculous spoiler)

Below is the person who saw the movie.
It is an article for people who want to fit the neta since I watched the movie.
Or, please watch it if there is no problem even if it is spoiled.
Please do not go any further from here to sorry.


* Movie spoiler area Start here

The luxurious environment created this work

The draft of the movie “A QUIET PLACE” was created by the following two people.


JOHN KRASINSKI, who is also a director and performer, participated in the screenplay of these original drafts, and this time it is a movie.

Do not you think that it is an extravagant environment that you can supervise yourself, participate in screenplay production, and perform on your own?
Actually, there are many such movies though.
But this time it was not only that.

I was surprised to see the movie and read the brochure.

There was a continuation in the luxurious environment.

Acting Lee Abbott, JOHN KRASINSKI (Cast, Director, Screenplay)
  • JOHN KRASINSKI  / Lee Abbott
  • Birth date: October 20, 1979
  • Nationality: America
  • Major casting works: The Hollars(2016 · cast · director · production)” “Promised Land (2012 · cast · screenplay · production)”

A couple serving as the center of the family

People I know knew that I knew, but I did not know until the movie finishes and I read the brochure.
It is said that the couple’s two people were real couples even in their daily lives!

Moreover, it is said that EMILY BLUNT who plays the mother had been actually giving babies actually.
I do not know if the script is first or rewritten the script, but I think that it is extremely luxurious to be able to bring near real life realism to acting.

In the process, mother Ebryn giving birth while being attacked by something (it was alien).
The scene where Marcus Abbot (NOAH JUPE )), who will become an older brother, launched a fireworks and moved “what” and saved the baby mother and baby was one of the outstanding works right.

If he did not go to raise fireworks, mothers and babies would have been attacked and they would have died.
I did not show up but it was a great collaboration action.

  • Name: EMILY BLUNT / Evelyn Abbott
  • Birth date: February 23, 1983
  • Nationality: UK
  • Main works: “The Devil Wears Prada (2006)” “The Young Victoria (2009)” “Sicario(2015)”


  • Name: NOAH JUPE  / Marcus Abbot
  • Birth date: February 25, 2005
  • Nationality: UK
  • Major works: “Wonder (2017)”

Millennium Simmons serving as eldest daughter, exactly a genius child

Milliment · Simmons, who played Regan Abbott, who became the eldest daughter of Abbott family of four people and continues to worry about being hated by his father.

She was the biggest keeper in the process and she was playing the role of a hearing impaired, but herself was a true hearing-impaired person.
Advising the script by taking advantage of the characteristics of the hearing impairment, I do not have a sense of realism such as being actually adopted.
※ Disability (Shougetsu)

Even though the surrounding families hear the sound, Regan does not hear the sound.
So even though the sounds are ringing around, Regan only lags the tempo and I can not notice that I am alone.
The characteristics of such a disaster were well utilized for the production and it was also the biggest hint.

I thought that disability is not an obstacle but personality.

Milliment · Simmons, I am looking forward to an actress.

  • Name: MILLICENT SIMMONDS / Regan / Abbott
  • Birth date: March 1, 2003
  • Nationality: America
  • Major works: “Wonderstruck (2017)”

Looking back on “A QUIET PLACE”

Quiet Place
From the movie “Quiet Place”

The information summarized above was mostly understandable if you purchased a brochure and read it, but it was a blessed work so I wanted to put it together and tried to summarize it.

I am stuck with the urge to review the movie again.

I need imagination. A work with few descriptions may be a movie difficult for Japanese to understand

This movie was a movie with almost no explanation of the situation.

  • Why did the world ruin on the 89th day and only this family survived?
  • It seems that the military, government and others are not functioning, what happened? Did not you resist?
  • I keep on striking the SOS using the light of my house and wireless, but what about electricity?
  • Why did you try to make a child and give birth?

There is no detailed explanation as to what is going on, what the world is like, why, how this happened.
Occasionally, scraps of newspaper are reflected, so hints are given at that time.
The viewer will infer the situation from the video and sound that is shown, and will create a worldview in his own brain.

I think that there was a world of “quiet place” in the brains of everyone in the theater.

My interpretation is this.

  • The alien that hit humanity was ferocious, and there were many numbers.
    Finally, you can imagine from the number of those gathered by the shooting sound that shot the rifle.
    It is thought that the outer skin was as strong as steel and that guns and the like did not communicate basically.
  • Because it is a family who was living based on sign language, it probably survived by suppressing life sound.
  • Electricity can be generated by using wind energy, hydraulic power, sunlight and other energy.
  • I wanted to recover from the sadness that lost my youngest child Bo on the 89th day and made a child.

Is that okay with you?

Do not worry about the details.
If you care about it too much, you can not enjoy it if it gets tsukkomi, this movie.

It was a movie that was requested to read line spacing from the scenario.

I like movies like this.

Not bad.

The Japanese are used to the work described in the work and it may be difficult to understand because it is an English-speaking work.

Work depicting the bond of the mind of the family

Moreover, I want to review psychological description which is caused by the trouble of the hearts of the four surviving families, the loss of the youngest child Bo.

It was a scratch of my heart that everyone had been killed by the youngest child Bao, not being able to keep it.

Regan was more firm than his brother, and he was trying hard to use his father stubbornly.
I did not understand at first why I was trying to catch a fish desperately trying to catch fish.
Is it a rebellious period here?

But it was different.
I thought that the cause of death of my brother Bo was myself, and the anxiety I thought as thought to my father “I am not loved, being hated,” appeared in action.

But my father Lee was not aware of this until he was told by his son Marcus.
Because Marcus was always together with Regan, I realized Regan’s troubles and teach my father.
Both my father Lee and my mother Evelyn thought that I was the cause of the death of the youngest child, but I could not protect it.
When faced with the crisis of life, it seems somewhat ironic that my father conveyed his feelings in sign language.

But this is not only a movie but a real ‘family’ that you can say, the feelings will not go straight.
There are many things that are transmitted with misunderstandings.
Therefore, I thought that it is important that it is important to talk about it honestly, especially among the favorite ones.

This story was a story of a family of families left in the world devastated by “something” coming when making sounds.

It was a movie directing movies of family love by borrowing the world of “horror movies”.

That’s it, “Horror movie” Quiet Place “impression and latter half retrospective (this is a family story)” was.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

It was Miyagawa ( @ miyakawa 2449 ).


EMILY BLUNT (Emily Brandt) was on “The Devil Wearing Prada (2006)”.
Even though it was twelve years ago, the image is totally different.
I played a good mother role.

Right EMILY BLUNT (Emily Brandt) / Left starring Anne Hathaway (Ann Hathawe) from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

At that time, I introduced my sister Felicity to Stanley Tucci (Stanley Tucci) who was in the same movie, and they are married.
Stanley Tucci and Emily Brant are related people.

Stanley Tucci (Stanley Tucci)
Right Stanley Tucci (Stanley Tucci) From “The Devil Wearing Prada”

“Devil wearing Prada” It was a connected putineta.
By the way, this movie is Andrea played by Anne Hathaway (Ann Hathawe) is the leading character.
Fashion sense zero, business sense Zero is a comedy movie whose country girls work hard forward with demonic-like boss, refining top notch fashion sense and business sense.

EMILY BLUNT (Emily Brandt) is a senior role in Andrea in this movie.
In the beginning I am stupid of the country smell of Andrea, but I start to like Andrea growing up on the way.