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“The Equalizer (2014)” was summarized as a total review article because the movie “The Equalizer 2” will be released tomorrow, October 5.

“Equalizer” has the meaning of “equalizing and equalizing” when translating literally, meaning “equalizing striking” and “same shot” in sports.

Does the meaning of “Equalizer” in the movie mean that people in an unbalanced state are suppressed by absurd violence and power, correcting themselves to normal condition?

I will introduce “The Equalizer (2014)” immediately.

Review article of the new work “The Equalizer 2” is here.


  “The Equalizer(2014) “

Official Trailer “The Equalizer”

Male in the 60’s who routinely work at home mart during the day and enjoy reading at the restaurant at night.
Robert McCall (Denzel Washington), which is well loved by young people and also loved by employees .
He had a quiet life.

I know that a close friends woman is shaken by Russian mafia without violence and there are no options or escape.

Before the overwhelming violence and irrational power that afflicts friends, he unlocks the seal of his power and stands up as an equalizer.

He is a former CIA agent.

It erased the past and enjoyed the rest of life, but he again fights for his beliefs and justice.

directed byAntoine Fuqua
ScreenplayRichard Wenk
Original workMichael Sloan
Richard Lindheim
ProductionTodd Black
Jason Blumenthal
Denzel Washington
Alex Siskin
Steve Tisch Steve Tisch
Mace Neufeld
Tony Eldridge
Michael Sloan
Executive ProducerEzra Swerdlow
David J. Bloomfield
Ben Waisbren
PerformerDenzel Washington (Denzel Washington)
Marton Csokas
Chloë Grace Moretz
David Harbor
Bill Pullman
Melissa Leo
musicsHarry Gregson-Williams (Harry Gregson-Williams)

“The Equalizer” review

Robert McCall’s face is just a company employee.
I work at home mart.
As you wrote in the outline.

But he has a face behind it.

Have you heard of it?
Now dead, Makoto Fujita’s played Nakamura main water (Nakamuramoto) is a hero ‘s “Hissatsu workman” called a historical drama.

A rough flow requests the client to pay the money to clear the resentment that the client can not fulfill as a mediator.
The intermediary consults the contents of the request to the workers who will bundle.
If the request is accepted, it will be the flow to distribute the request fee among workers, to go out, to assassinate.
Nakamura is one of the workers, and it corresponds to the hero.

Robert McCall is exactly like its middle house village, but money is not the purpose.
Robert is a pure feeling, confronts a bad man for a close friend who is in trouble and does not have the ability to solve on his own.

The killing ability to kill five rogues in 19 seconds is more than 100 times more potent, even if it is lightly estimated, compared to a one-target killer worker.

Even if we seriously compare the historical drama with modern weapon warfare, we will make a joke so far.

In a moment he sees the gap of the enemy, and the battle sense that gets a vital point without giving back time of counterattacks glows.
I was glad that I was looking and feeling good.

Highlight of the equalizer

Bombing scene
Bombing scene to fight enemies

The battle scenes where Robert McCall defeats the enemy are first sights.

I am observing the environment and it is outstanding sense that I change everything on the spot to a weapon.
Anything on the spot will replace the weapon if it hits him.

As a top agent of former CIA, as well as battle sense, various skills such as distracting enemies and distracting enemies are prominent, which explores the target information.

Do you still have the resources and resources of the Russian mafia! Episode of the second half which crushes as much as it was was very sightseeing.

Robert McCall
Robert McCall who jokingly listens to his previous job

Robert’s daytime face is also a favorite.
Apart from a tough face facing evil, the face of the day was a gentle and friendly human figure.
Robert who is friendly to customers as well, backs up colleagues trying to hire a previous job with a fun joke, and backs up to his friends who are trying to make their dreams full.
There was an episode full of human power in the previous work.

Although it is a movie of “The Equalizer”, the attraction of a man named Robert was one of the highlights.
I am looking forward to tomorrow’s release.

“The Equalizer” is a highlight attraction

Not only in this movie, there are scenes where characters appear in sayings, but attractive quotations sometimes appear in “The Equalizer” as well.
I want to review the scene where Robert ‘s word will divide courage.

For example, in the restaurant heroine arena and episode of Robert McCall

  • Arena: “Amateur recording ( CD ) but let us know about your impressions next time” (with embarrassment)
  • Robert: “Singer’s arena” (holding a disc)
  • Arena: “The reality is different though” (shivering)
  • Robert: “If you want to do so, you can do anything, seriously”
  • Arena: “In the world of you, it is impossible in my living world” (giving up)
  • Robert: “Change the world” (seriously)

Robert seriously supports and respects people’s dreams and respects them.
Sometimes I will support you not to give up my dream seriously than the one I am giving up.

Episode above is usually a proclaimed arena, a quotation of an episode aiming for a singer.

There were quotations to support Ralfie aiming to pass security guards at Robert ‘s workplace and various quotes for the rogues.
Even at this new work “The Equalizer 2”, I am looking forward to seeing some fascinating quotes.


Robert McCall(Robert McCall) /Denzel Washington(Denzel Washington)

Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington plays Robert McCall

I usually work as an office worker.
A friend is a gentle gentleman’s gentleman, but a man who pierces justice without looking at danger if danger comes close to close friends.
Using the skill of the former CIA agent, it crushes all one enemy.
However, it gives room for choice to change my mind before attacking.
The one who chose the given option is for the body.
A man who should never turn it to the enemy.
That is Robert McCall.

  • Birth date December 28, 1954
  • Place of birth Mt. Vernon, New York, USA
  • Nationality United States
  • Major works
    • “Flight (2012) · William · Whitaker · Captain · Captain Award · Academy · Best Actor · many others]
    • “Malcolm X (1992) · role of Malcolm X · Berlin International Film Festival Silver Bear Award”
    • “Glory (1989) · Second trip tripping role · Academy assistant actor award received · Other award”

Teri (Terry) · Real name Arena (Arena) role / Chloë Grace Moretz (Chloe · Grace · Morets)

Chloë Grace Moretz
Teri played by Chloë Grace Moretz

A regular customer of a restaurant Robert attends.
As I know the progress of the book Robert is reading, they seem to know about their faces.
One night Arena talks to Robert with a story that is not silly.
By having a conversation with the arena, Robert knows a part of the trouble the arena has.

  • Birth date February 10, 1997
  • Place of birth United States Georgia Atlanta
  • Nationality United States
  • Major works
    • “Magical invention of Hugo (2011) Isabel role”
    • “Kick Ass (2010) Mindy McDady / Hit Girl role”
    • “Morse (2010) Abby role”

Teddy · Real name Nikolai / Marton Csokas

Marton Csokas
Marton Csokas plays Nikolai

A man in trouble handling who comes to explore the office of Roffit’s crushed mafia.
A guy with a young man who sees the work site and quickly finds out the signature.
Pride is very high, a hurtful man who returns hurt pride even if you multiply by violence.

  • Birth date June 30, 1966
  • Birth place Invercargill
  • Nationality New Zealand
  • Major works
    • “Aeon · flux (2005) · Trevor · Good Child role”
    • “Triple X (2003) Yogi role)”
    • “Lord of the Rings (2001 – 2003) Céleborn (husband of the great elves’ deep Galadriel)”

Susan Plummer (Susan Plummer) role / Melissa Leo (Melissa · Leo)

Melissa Leo
Susan Plummer played by Melissa Leo

Susan Plummer, who was a superior at CAI at that time Robert.
I am retiring now and occasionally CAI counselor.
Robert is a good understanding person, it is a spiritual pillar of ethics and justice.

This is the second work “The Equalizer 2” has become a publicity that she was killed.
How does her incident involve Robert?
I am worried about what kind of behavior Robert has lost mental support.

  • Birth date September 14, 1960
  • Place of birth United States New York State New York
  • Nationality United States
  • Major works
    • “The Fighter (2010) · role of Alice · Ward · Academy Supporting Actress Award · Other awards”
    • “Frozen River (2008) · Ray · Independent · Spirit Award Best Actress Award · Others awarded”

A fun point of the movie “The Equalizer 2” that I think

When seeing “The Equalizer 2”, I tried to predict the fun point to worry about.

1. What face is the face in the table?

Home Mart is a table face
“The Equalizer (2014)” Robert’s day face is homemart’s regular worker

Last time I was an employee of Home Mart, but this time the taxi driver is Robert’s daytime face.
There was a charming person surrounding Robert.
I am interested in what kind of customers and colleagues this episode is when I changed jobs to a taxi driver.

2. Robert’s daily routine?

Robert's Routine
Robert’s daily routine was to read “100 books to read”.

Robert had a daily routine to read 100 books in his previous work.
It is believed that it has been achieved since 4 years have passed.
If so, what is your current daily routine?

Is such a new daily charge episode gone?
Personally I am glad that there is a new daily charge episode.

3. Who are your friends burning yourself?

Robert (right) who attends training for colleague Ralfie (left) aiming at security examinations

Robert who likes humans and loves arbitrariness likes me.
I think the other feelings of Robert fans of “The Equalizer” are the same.

Robert to show a gentle look and sometimes encourage scolding.
In the episode of the above photograph, there is also a one act to support Ralfie “There is no power” during training, “If you doubt yourself, you will fail”.

Is there a new friend who burns a substitute for a man who never gives up, Robert love to intercourse, arena and ralphfie?

I am curious.

4. What tactics utilize the environment?

Home Mart tactics
Traps and tactics combined with home mart’s merchandise were also sights

In “The Equalizer (2014)” Robert ‘s workplace, home mart became a battlefield.
Robert skillfully used the environment called “home mart” and the items there, and was tactics.
Although it is hard to understand in the above picture, there is an instant trap that combines the home mart’s merchandise on the floor in the center of the aisle.
Actually, this was another purpose.
In this battlefield, I am wondering what kind of tactics can be fought under what circumstances.


Denzel Washington (Denzel Washington) with a long career of 37 years as a black actor.
It is probable that series works will appear as his main work but this “The Equalizer 2” is the first time.

He is also 63 years old this year.

In the previous work, he played Robert McCall full of human attractiveness as well as former CIA agent with strong arm.
I think that the face of the back of the night was finished in a remarkable movie because I played a charming character with human thickness on the face of the table in the daytime.

A trouble took place in the workplace of the previous work, and a new taxi driver took a job.
Will you play Robert McCall, which is the same as last time, or more attractive in this new work?
I am looking forward to it.

Public release is from tomorrow, 2018.10.5 (Friday).

That’s all, “Movie” The Equalizer 2 “If you only know this! It was more enjoyable. ”

Until the end Thank you for reading.

It was Joe (@Joe90738682).

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