The Equalizer 2″ impression & review. Does Robert’s heart heal by saving people?


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I watched ‘The Equalizer 2’ on the first day of public release.

I reviewed the previous work “The Equalizer” and summarized the expected development of “The Equalizer 2” in the blog.
It was developed as I was thinking, I feel relieved.

“If you make a series as a work, I will not take over the charm of the previous work and I will not remove people, human resources, preachers, etc.” It is exactly right.

While in the work, the word “The Equalizer” does not appear, but specialists who used the ability of “killers” and “sweepers” that everyone imagines in their heads, like the last time, this time the fans’ expectation I think that it was possible to do without betraying.

The charm of Robert McCall (Denzel Washington), the fighting sense, as well as the personality to consider a person, the strength of intention to respect a dream without making a dream never, the overwhelming experience and skill that can help the weakness can be helped I have not betrayed my fans this time.


“The Equalizer2”

“The Equalizer 2” Synopsis


Former CIA agent, Robert McCall, with a day and a night face together.
In the day it blends into the city of Boston as a taxi driver, and in the night it will clean up bad guys in a cold brutality. Nobody knows his face as his “work contractor = The Equalizer”.
Only one, except Susan, the CIA era superior. But one day, Susan is murdered by someone in Brussels.
McCall losing only understanding and trembling with anger started a secret investigation.
As Susan approaches the truth of the mission that he was working on until just before his death, there is a danger to him as well.
The involvement of the CIA, who is a citizen, emerged from that method, and it is grasped that it is the work of a specialist who received the same special training as myself.
Now, the “Equalizer” of justice and the “Equalizer” of evil will finally crash!

directed byAntoine Fuqua
ScreenplayRichard Wenk
Original workMichael Sloan
Richard Lindheim
ProductionTodd Black
Jason Blumenthal
Denzel Washington
Alex Siskin
Steve Tisch
Mace Neufeld
Tony Eldridge
Michael Sloan
Executive ProducerMOLLY ALLEN
David J. Bloomfield
PerformerWashington Denzel
Pedro Pascal
Ashton Sanders
Orson Bean
Bill Pullman
Melissa Leo
musicsHarry Gregson-Williams

Movie “The Equalizer 2” review

This work

Robert McCall
Playing Robert McCall, Denzel Washington.

In this work there is a depiction which crowded one step further in the past of Robert.
It is that he was doing a dirty work in the CAI era.
Tsuketa who was doing that dirty work leads to “Equalizer VSThe Equalizer” this time.

By stepping into Robert’s past, it was tailored to answer the mystery of the previous work ‘The Equalizer (2014)’.

  • What was it doing in the CAI era?
  • Why did you quit CAI
  • Why did you become Equalizer
  • Where is it going as Equalizer
  • Why do people help and meddle?
  • How did the hobby of reading go?

These mysteries tell us casually through the story.
Is not it interesting to have not seen the previous work? Do not worry about it.
Even if you do not watch the previous work, the story has a composition that you can understand, so it will not be a problem to watch from this work.

Expanding as expected

Covering a hat by Robert McCall
Left front, heading to Turkey Robert McCall. Cover a coufie cap.

Early from “The Equalizer” you did it.

The Turkish railroad heading for Istanbul. The first episode that he helps the weakness as the “Equalizer” disappears.

Moreover, she wore an Islamic hat named “Cooffee Cap”.
In the teachings of Islam, “the rich man is poor applied to the people,” There is a teaching that, it was tailored stage set means “Equalizer (The Equalizer)”, which is the meaning of “Equal” is ask I know.

Robert McCall’s idea that “I have the power to help others” I thought that there is a place overlapping with Islam’s teaching “rich people put on poor people.”
I think that I wanted to express such meaning that the Istanbul Railway heading to Turkey where Muslim rumors are prosperous was the stage setting.
Of course, because it is an entertainment movie, I felt that it was a good sense to show casually with two things, “Coffee hat” and “place of example” without religious feeling at all.

Taxi driver Robert McCall
Taxi driver Robert McCall

He came living as a taxi driver since he returned to Boston.
That is the face of his table right now. Encourage
customers who put on customers to suffer life and gently troubleshoot if there are passengers involved in trouble.
Sometimes it is overwhelming violence like a devastating devil, sometimes gentle and unreachable reaching out.

This depiction was a new aspect that he actively participates in the life of others.
In the previous work, only close friends had extended helping hands, but this time I had extended the help hand to those who were strangers at all.

Why did you help so many others?

I felt I understood this reason when all the incidents in the movie were resolved.
“I thought that he saved others for the sake of crime to fill the hole in my heart,” I thought.
As for the reason of “the hole of the heart” is it that people who watch the movie will understand?
I think, how is it?

The Equalizer VS The Equalizer

Fight Robert
Fighting Robert (left)

The story of the main enemy will be updated at a later date.

It is not my mind to spoil your heart as it is just after publication.


“Equalizer VS The Equalizer” “19 seconds of justice VS 19 seconds of evil”, I think that I am strictly wrong. It is not the purpose of the movie.
Because the top two singing phrases are not told in the movie at all, there are parts that are not meaningful.
Originally there is no organization or title called “The Equalizer”, but Robert is defeating evil from a personal philosophy. The keyword of 19 seconds does not come to the second work at all.
But for the first time to see The Equalizer it might be an effective phrase.
Speaking of what is characteristic and easy to understand is easy to understand.

I am sorry for personal opinion as I can not imagine if I told you to present alternative proposal.
But, as for the propaganda complaints of movies, trailers may ruin the main story, so distributors want to be careful, I think today is around this time.

Regardless of the advertising method, “The Equalizer 2” is definitely a good work.
Last time, when I caught Robert’s mind in the last scene, I could not help shedding tears.

“He will not be able to save him only by continuing to fill the heart’s hole by saving people.”

As mentioned above, “The Equalizer 2” impression & review. Does Robert’s heart heal by saving people? “was.

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