Movie review “The Professional (1994)”

Movie review “The Professional (1994)”

Hello I love movies is Joe (@Joe90738682).

I saw “The Professional” in 1994 for a few years.

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While it works 24 years ago it is not old-fashioned. It is amazing!

I bought Blu – ray.

At this time of the 21st century, I will carefully review old movies in 2018.

Movie “The Professional”

Movie “The Professional” Synopsis

A 12 – year – old girl whose family was murdered.
Mathilda has returned to his apartment at the time of family killing, but he gets hidden by a man living in the next room with a fresh move.

The man’s name is LEON. It was a killer.

From there Mathilda and Leon start a strange communal life.

Mathilda tells the technique of slaughter to avenge his brother’s enemy, Leon learns the reading and writing of letters by Mathilda.

Soon, complicated love that neither parents nor lover can sprout between themselves, but … ,,,,.

directed by Luc Besson
Screenplay Luc Besson
Production Patrice Ledoux
Appearance Jean Reno
Natalie Portman
Gary Oldman
musics Éric Serra

Looking back at casting “The Professional”

Leon(Jean Reno)

From the movie “Leon”. Teach the sniper Leon (Left Jean Reno)

A professional killer who works in solo.

Arm of killing is Special A grade. It emerges quietly from the shadow, it quickly stops, smart killing is impressive.
Sometimes we use bombs, but a professional killer who best suits killing with knives and guns.
His way of killing “women and children will not kill.”

The family of Mathilda was killed and the joint life with her began.

He is only confused by his first experience.

  • Jean Reno
  • Date of birth July 30, 1948 (46 years old in 1994, now 70 years old)
  • Nationality France
  • Major casting works
    • “The Big Blue (1988) Enzo Molinari role”
    • “Mission: Impossible (1996) role of Franz Crieger”
    • “RONIN (1998) Vincent (Vincent) role” etc.

Mathilda(Natalie Portman)

From the movie “Leon”. Mathilda. A genius child who becomes an actress afterwards Natalie Portman.

A 12 – year – old girl who swore revenge when all her family was killed Mathilda.
The room which ran away without going to is the room of the town ‘s best hit man Leon.

Mathilda ask Leon to tell me how to kill.
Of course, Leon declines, but Mathilda is better.
If you notice, Leon will tell me how to accept Mathilda’s exchange conditions and kill it.

I think Mathilda is the most attractive character of this movie.

Of course Leon is the hero, but without Mathilda this movie will not be formed.

In the setting of 12 years old, although it is a girl, the facial expression that occasionally shows is not a girl and the face of a woman feels the sex appeal of an adult who exceeds the age of ages above 5 years old.
To live, she rotates her head full to revenge and always tells the answer above one of the adults around, including Leon.

  • Natalie Portman
  • Birth date June 9, 1981 (then 13 years old, 1994. Currently 37 years old)
  • Place of birth Israel, Jerusalem
  • Nationality Israel · United States dual citizenship
  • Major casting works
    • “Star Wars EP 1, 2, 3 (1999 – 2005) Queen Amidala”
    • “Closer (2004) Alice / Jane Jones role Golden Globe Award Supporting Actress Award”
    • “Black Swan (2010) Nina Sayers Academy Award Best Actress Award – British Academy Award Best Actress Award

Stansfield(Gary Oldman)

From the movie “Leon”. Stansfield. (Gary Oldman seems to have had a hard time due to the image of this role being too strong for a while)

Detective Denial of Criminal Division. Besides controlling drugs, I am manipulating the drug trafficking organization behind the scenes.
A woman, a child or an extremely man who will kill without hesitation if it is a witness.
He is also dragging his hands on drugs.

  • Gary Oldman
  • Birth date March 21, 1958 (then age 36, 1994, now 60 years old)
  • Nationality UK
  • Major casting works
    • “Harry Potter series (2004 – 2007) Sirius Black role”
    • “Batman (2005-20012) James” Jim “· role of Gordon”
    • “Darkest Hour (2017) Winston Churchill Academy Award Best Actor Award Winner Other”

Tony(Danny Aiello)

From the movie “Leon”, Leon’s employer Tony (Danny Aiello)

Boss of the Italian Mafia.
He is also an employer of Leon.
All of the surrounding killings are controlled by Tony.
In the latter half of the movie, there is a scene where Stansfield pushes Tony ‘s shop and asks if he was aware of the culprit of the assassination being investigated.
During this episode, it can be inferred that Tony’s request to Leon would have included a request to kill from Stansfield.

It is really ironic.

  • Danny Aiello
  • Birth date June 20, 1933 (61 years old, then 1994. Currently 85 years old)
  • Nationality United States
  • Major casting works
    • “Godfather PART II (1974) Tony Rosato role a little role causing Frank’s assassination attempt”
    • “Hudson Hawk (1991) Tommy Five = Tone role”
    • “Once Upon a Time in America (1984) Vincent Aiero

“The Professional” movie review

Celebration scene
From the movie “Leon”. The celebration of the first work of the two people.

Although it is a work of 24 years ago, it is a work which has not faded even if it sees it now.

Jean Reno and Natalie Portman are very good at fascinating Luc Besson.

I think that it was a very innovative way to join Jean Reno around the age of 46 and Natalie Portman around the age of 13 with the killer.

A strange relationship that we were able to bridge the gap between our hearts.

Mathilda killed his family, never to go, seeking means of revenge, falling in love with the kindness of Leon.
Leon is surrounded by maturing Mathilda, whether there is a place where the child grew as it was or whether it is age.
Leon who is swayed by Mathilda will also look cute.

Mathilda fascinates everything attracted by Mathilda’s strangely grown-up charm.
Because it is not controlled, occasionally, the place that fascinates the facial expression for the year was smiling.

When watching the multiplication of two people, sometimes it is strange that sometimes you do not know which is an adult.

Although it is a movie that can do as much as you want to criticize, then you can not enjoy this movie.

I hope to enjoy being honest as it is.

It can be said that the villainous acts of Criminal Stance Field of the Drug Enforcement Administration Bureau played by Gary Oldman well complemented the existence of Leon and Mathilda.

Although it is a cooperative film between France and the United States, the atmosphere of the French movie is obviously a strong work.

I think that I was glad that the picture making etc was calm.

Tony and Leon, and Mathilda

Tony is a mafia’s boss-like position.

In fact, Danny Aero is appearing as “Tony role (brother Rosato)” in Got father 2 (1974).
This is personal fun because it is a fantastic fancy, but if you think that Tony who was a small item grew and was playing a mafia boss at LEON then it would be interesting.
It would be fun if Luc Besson was consciously thinking about screenwriting / casting so far!

Aside from joke, Mafia cherishes “family”.
Born as a member of “Family” even by others, they will be able to help each other.
Sometimes it can be said to be a darker relationship than a blood connection.
Mafia has more that it is better to rely on “family” than to rely on “police.”
I saw “Godfather 2” and realized it.

For Tony Leon is a child of “family” and I think that Tony was also parents to Leon.
Even if you are not a member of a family, I think that you were in contact with Leon like a real child.
So, Tony is a bank of Leon and has been supporting the foundation of life and work all the time.

When Tony asked Leon’s whereabouts in the stance field, I think that he taught himself carelessly to protect his own real family and grandchildren.
It was insanely beaten, Tony.

I do not think Tony will listen to Leon’s request, so I wonder if Mathilda’s life in the future is safe.
I do not know if I can go back to a robust world.

Tony also felt very sad because Leon of “Family” died.

That’s it, “2018 movie review” The Professional (1994) “was.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

It wasJoe (@Joe90738682).

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