Comparison of impression and original of movie “Sherlock Holmes (2009)”


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Many people know that Sherlock Holmes is the hero of a mystery novel by Arthur Conan Doyle (May 22, 1859 – July 7, 1930).

Industrial Revolution Sherlock Holmes living in a lodging house in the fog capital London, Baker Street 221 B in the midst of. 
It is also famous for having fans around the world.

The movie “Sherlock Holmes” to introduce today is a screenplay complete original movie. 
A completely new Sherlock Holmes is drawn using the world view and major characters. 
Currently, the second work “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)” is released. 
I heard rumors of “Sherlock Holmes 3”.

It is the first movie to introduce today.

I would like to look back while comparing with Sherlock Holmes’ original.


Movie “Sherlock Holmes (2009)” notice

Synopsis “Sherlock Holmes (2009)” Synopsis

Incident occurred! In 1891, London. A series of homicide aiming at a young woman occurs in this town where it is the center of progressive world and infested with every evil. The mystery of ways to make you think of an eerie ritual is mysterious, police can not even grab the clue of solution. 
Name detective with the strongest brain! In this town, he is. Sherlock Holmes, a man who has made his own detective technique. Superhuman observation power, memory power, reasoning power, and sometimes the power of the fist keep track of the truth. He was also a skilled martial artist. In the fight against crime, not only the perfect theory and scientific basis, fighting ability is also the best weapon. 
Solve with the strongest combination! Holmes has an excellent buddy called Dr. John Watson. Dr. John Watson who acts calmly and common sense with genius Holmes, which often runaway. The opposite persons are constantly fighting, but they are tied with thick trust and friendship. The name of the culprit who uncovered their identity is Lord Blackwood 
, even if arrested and sentenced to death, does not work. Due to the power of the gigantic darkness, even if you die it is said to be resurrected. 
The incident turns into the strongest mystery! Lord Blackwood 
, who stands at the top of the evil mystical organization, will revive as predicted and attempt to rule and dominate the whole world with evil. With people falling into panic, only Holmes was exciting. Past cases were too easy. It is time to finally challenge the strongest mystery! 
In 2010, fight the strongest mystery, this is the real Holmes!

directed byGuy Ritchie
ScreenplayMichael Robert Johnson
Anthony Peckham
Simon Kinberg
draftLionel Wigram
Michael Robert Johnson
Original workArthur Conan Doyle
ProductionJoel Silver
Lionel Wigram
Susan Downey
AppearanceRobert Downey, Jr.
Jude Law
Rachel McAdams
Mark Strong
musicsHans Zimmer
distributionWarner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
Open YearAmerica / UK December 2009 / Japan March 2010

Impression of movie “Sherlock Holmes”

About the view of the world such as townscape

Image of the 19th century 1891. The center is played by Rachel McAdams, Irene Adler.

It is set in 1891 London in the 19th century. 
Victorian period London where the Queen Victoria was ruling, smog was launched by the Industrial Revolution and sang “Foggy City London”.

It is reproducing the 19th century London to the city skyline and buildings of London, costumes of people.

It was a world view that was very drawn in.

A state of magical ritual
A state of magical ritual

The original by Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite novels. 
Even if I read Japanese novels, the imagination of the cityscape can not keep up with it. 
It is expected to be reproduced London at that time with images. 
The cityscape of London is really cool. 
It seems that most of the images in the building are being shot at the location.

I really like this movie. 
Even just watching the streets and buildings, this movie is worth it.

In the bonus video of the Blu-ray disc, CG processing when reproducing the cityscape was introduced. 
I was really interested in watching CG processing that reprints the cityscape at the time.

Highlight action scenes

From a gunfight scene
Scenes of ‘Practical Practitioner’ where Holmes uses a special fighting technique from the movie ‘Sherlock Holmes’ .

What is different from the original is a screenplay with a high fighting-centered actionality. 
Holmes excels in martial arts even in the original, but Dr. John Watson is a clear martial art from the beginning.

In the movies Holmes and Dr. John Watson fighting scenes are scattered everywhere.

One of the highlight of the fighting scene is Holmes’ specific fighting style (one photo above). 
Before the battle begins, the situation of the opponent, skills and weaknesses are clarified, and after visualizing the flow of the attack in the brain, it is a fighting technique that strikes an attack at a stroke. 
Regular movies will be taken at 24 frames per second. 
In this scene, we perform a super slow playback using a phantom camera that can shoot with up to 3000 frames, and express special images in the brain (from the commentary on Blu – ray Disc ‘s video clip).


Shipyard scene
the action scene at the shipyard from the movie “Sherlock Holmes”, it seems that it takes a huge budget and a period of six months so it is very powerful.

An impression of contents

Unlike the original, I first thought that it was “cool, cool Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.” 
Cool is fashionable and it’s more entertaining than the original, so it’s Hollywood-like and funny.

Films and animations with original works may be important for the world view of the original and character character. 
I think this movie “Sherlock Holmes” is a good movie that destroyed character character in a good way and succeeded.

However, we recommend that you do not see people saying “You can not convince you that you are not true to the original.”

If you draw a movie with the original story character, it will be a quiet movie and it tends to be a dark movie. 
To be honest, I think that it was an original that it is not very suitable for movies.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson should be harder and darker stuff as it is, but in the movie it is fashionable and fashionable and coolly drawn. 
Besides, Dr. John Watson is smart and strong. This is absolutely impossible in the original work.

I think it was interesting as a movie and it was finished in a new Sherlock Holmes that fits neatly in the modern era of the 21st century. 
It is a work adapted to the flow of the times.

Film looking back at cast “Sherlock Holmes”

Robert Downey, Jr./Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey, Jr.
From movie ‘Sherlock Holmes’ 
Robert Downey, Jr. Acting, Sherlock Holmes

I was finished in Sherlock Holmes, a new interpretation suitable for Hollywood movies. 
I think that Sherlock Holmes is a solid and dark type image on the original. 
Robert Downey, Jr. made a fashionable, strong and handsome new Sherlock Holmes statue. 
If I remove the element of the action movie, I think that it was almost original as follows.

  • Tell the occupation of a person from the sharpness of observation eyes
  • Sharpness of reasoning power
  • I know the city of London from corner to corner (to the color of roads, shops and soils)
  • Prepare to prepare carefully
  • Ability to perform and disguise humans of various occupations
  • Martial Arts Masters
  • A survey record of a mystery incident that actually occurred
  • Familiar with criminal psychology
  • Research on crime and chemical experiment
  • Strong sense of justice

I was surprised to hear that Robert Downey, Jr. was limiting the body fat percentage to 5% in the bonus footage of the Blu-ray disc.

  • Robert Downey, Jr.
  • Birth date April 4, 1965
  • Place of birth United States New York State
  • Major casting works
    • The Avengers · 2012 ~ (Tony · Starke / Iron Man role)
    • Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows・2011(Sherlock Holmes役)
    • Iron Man · 2008 (role as Tony · Starke / Ironman)
    • Iron Man 2 · 2010 (role as Tony Stark / Ironman)

Jude Law/Dr. John Watson

Jude Law
Film “Sherlock Holmes” 
Jude Law plays, Dr. John Watson
The original Dr. John Watson got a doctor’s degree in medicine from the University of London in 1878 and after being a qualified to become a military doctor, he will be assigned to the front line of the second Afghanistan war. 
After having been hospitalized due to an injured shoulder, I have typhoid fever, I have a career back home. 
Dr. John Watson is looking for a boarding house in the long novel “Scarlet Study”, and there is an episode that I meet with Sherlock Holmes for the first time as a partner to borrow a boarding house.

Holmes’ description of “Afghanistan war return” is entered in the movie.

The image of my original Dr. John Watson is as follows.

  • Plump body shape
  • I long for Holmes’ high detective ability
  • Create a case book of Holmes (the novel is the body of the factbook drawn by Dr. John Watson’s first person)
  • Unconsciously disclose hints when Holmes is stuck at the investigation / reasoning of the incident
  • Pacifism

Jude Law’s Dr. John Watson is handsome and cool and cool. 
Moreover, it is smart. 
Moreover, the fighting ability is very high, and it is also possible to enter an attack before Holmes. 
It is totally an action movie.

In this movie, Dr. John Watson depicts an episode that departs from the boarding house before getting married. 
As explained above, in the first work of the original work “Study of Scarlet Scotion”, it is drawn from the episode that two people encounter for the first time, so this movie has already solved many incidents between two people You can understand.

  • Jude Law
  • Birth date December 29, 1972
  • Birth place England London
  • Nationality UK
  • Major casting works
    • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald・2018(Albus Dumbledore役)
    • Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows・2011(Dr. John Watson役)
    • Cold Mountain · 2003 (nominated actor award nominated for Academy Inman role)
    • AI Artificial Intelligence · 2001 (Gigolo · Joe role)

Rachel McAdams/Irene Adler

Rachel McAdams
Rachel McAdams plays from the movie “Sherlock Holmes” , Irene Adler

Irene Adler appearing in the movie is a freaky character, a demonic character. 
He is accustomed to battle with beauty and shows strong, cunning appearance. It is a female character who should never trust. 
This work is a heroine of a very important position. 
Is it strong like a Lupine the 3rd generation Mizuko Fujiko, it is easy to understand the image as a mysterious woman?

She is used by Holmes’ nemesis’ Professor James Moriarty ‘and I am in a position I can not escape.

A female character appearing in the short story “Bohemian scandal” in the original “Sherlock Holmes Adventure”. It is a woman who comes out only in this one in the original work.

By all means, I would like to read the original book, but I will briefly introduce it.

Holmes is placing pride in stabilizing the brains of his brain, but there are places where you can not rest calm considering “Irene Adler”. 
Dr. John Watson is analyzing so.

Holmes calls “that woman” when he talks about Irene. 
Actually Irene is the only woman who has surpassed Holmes.

In the short story “Bohemian’s scandal”, Holmes is asked to wish the client to recover the photo that will become a story of the scandal from “Irene Adler”. 
There were two people in the picture “King Bohemia and Irene Adler” in a dust. 
The client is himself Bohemian King who refrains from marrying after this. 
Irene was threatening to “send” scandal photos to marriage partners.

Irene was born in New Jersey in the United States, served as a contrar singer, Scala appearance, Prima Donna of the Warsaw Imperial Opera, later retired, now lives in London.

Holmes and Irene, who are actors’ premadonna, have contact with us twice during the creation of “bohemian scandal”. 
I was supposed to be able to get back the scandal photos as I expected. 
When the king and Holmes arrived at the scene to recover the photo at the scheduled time, Irene had already traveled. 
Leave a letter addressed to Sherlock Holmes and a picture of himself. 
The contents of the letter included details of Holmes’ idea, the reason why he decided to leave in a hurry, and the king was written in detail why it is not necessary to worry about future scandal in the future. 
Irene was reading a step ahead of Holmes’ thought.

A woman who is charming enough to serve as Prima donna of the opera, and a danger that he has threatened the King, Irene is an episode deeply engraved in the heart of Holmes.

In addition, Holmes received a photograph of Irene from the King as a reward at this time. 
The picture of Irene which appears in the main part of the movie is probably the reward of “bohemian scandal”.

From the way Holmes receives Irene ‘s picture in reward, it may be obvious that you are falling in love with Irene. 
In the original, Holmes is set to disgusting, but has not he felt so much?

  • Rachel McAdams
  • Birthday November 17, 1978
  • Place of birth Canada Ontario, London
  • Major casting works
    • Doctor Strange · 2016 (role as Christine · Palmer)
    • Spotlight · 2015 (Sasha · Pfeiffer Academy assistant actress award nomination)
    • Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows・2011(Irene Adler役)

Mark Strong/Lord Blackwood

Mark Strong
Acting Mark Strong from film “Sherlock Holmes” , Lord Blackwood

The original bad guy who does not appear in the original. 
Lord Blackwood sacrifices to kill a woman for the ceremony at the beginning of the movie, but Holmes and Dr. John Watson stop at it so far. 
Lord Blackwood 
is arrested, the death penalty is carried out, Dr. John Watson will pronounce deaths after the execution of the execution.

Holmes and Dr. John Watson resting at the boarding house will receive a preliminary report that Lord Blackwood has recovered from the grave.

And a bizarre murder begins to happen.

Lord Blackwood 
is modeled on “Aleister Crowley” born in 1875 in the UK. 
It was a British occultist, a ceremonial magician, and seems to have been described as “the most evil man in the world” in the press.
  • Mark Strong
  • Birth date August 5, 1963
  • Birthplace England · London
  • Nationality UK
  • Major casting works
    • Kingsman: The Golden Circle · 2017 (role as Marlin)
    • Kingsman · 2014 (role as Marlin)
    • Mindscape · 2013 (starring John Washington)


I compiled the charm of the original Sherlock Holmes to me.

  • Representation of accident scene and Holmes’s ability to analyze
  • Scottish yard’s police inspector’s low analytical capacity (a Holmes pilot)
  • As Holmes’ sspecificity, observation eyes, memory power, reasoning power, knowledge amount, calmness, knowledge of crime, feeling of justice, etc are excellent.
  • The relationship of trust between Holmes and Dr. John Watson and strength of ties.
  • The strength of longing for Dr. John Watson ‘s Holmes.
  • Clarity of commentary on case resolution.
  • High Holmes’ ability to capture human capital (junior high school). 
    Children and adults who are ally are often drawn. 
    One of them is Baker Street Fighter Group (Boy Detective Group), which appears in the novel “Scarlet Study”.
  • Presence of Professor Moriarty as an absolute evil

These charms were reflected well in the movie “Sherlock Holmes”. 
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson and others are fashionable and highly aggressionable is different from the original, but as a new image I am a favorite work.

I think that the film version “Irene Adler” will definitely be one of the attractive characters and continue to go on in the future series.

“Sherlock Holmes 3” It is said that the nationwide release was decided on Christmas 2020. 
I am also looking forward to publishing in Japan from now.

Also, Jude Law, acting as Dr. John Watson, plays a young day Dumbledore with the movie “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”. The launch in Japan is scheduled for November 23.

This is the “comparison of the impression and the original of the movie” Sherlock Holmes (2009) “”.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

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