Movie “Bad Genius” Comment / Review (It is a thriller movie to fuel cheat tension)


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“Bad Genius”, which was released in Thailand in May last year and has been released in turn in Singapore and the United States in 16 countries worldwide has been released in Japan as well.

World No. 1 Criticism site Rotten Tomatoes is a majestic 92% Fresh!

Record a surprise hit in 16 countries and regions around the world! 
Among them, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam … 
Record a huge hit
in Thai film history in all eight countries and regions Received the largest number of 12 sectors in the history even at the Thai Academy Awards


Movie “Bad Genius” notice

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Film “Bad Genius” Synopsis

Quoted from: [Movie] Bad Genius – Dangerous geniuses – Sep 22, 2018, Shinjuku Musashino-kan and other national sequential road shows

She has been in school for almost all years since elementary school, and she is a girls high school student (Chutimon · John Jallones Sukjin) who has a head and a genius brain as chief junior high school age. She grew up in a family of fathers who can not say wealthy, she is expected to have that lucid brain, and clears up as a special scholarship scholarship for advanced schools. Rin saved Grace (Issa yaa Horswan) who first became a friend at the new school, “in some way” during the test. Grace’s boyfriend · pat (Tea Radon · Span Ping Yi) who heard the rumor made Lynn “business”.

It cheats in a more sophisticated way and gets paid for in return for answers. “Rin sensei” was inundated with students in the blink of an eye. Lin created the “piano lesson” system. Lynn, who encrypted finger movements and led many students to high scores, is praised by classmates and remuneration is also accumulated. However, a serious student / bank (Churnon · Santinatoonkun) who aims to go on to college by obtaining a scholarship, does not think so much …. And as a culmination of business as a culmination of business, Lin ‘s trying to set up the last, biggest trick on the unified university entrance examination <STIC> conducted in various countries to study abroad at an American university, And …


directed byNattawut Poonpiriya
ScreenplayNattawut Poonpiriya 
Tanida Hantaweewatana 
Vasudhorn Piyaromna
ProductionJira Maligool 
Chenchonnee Suntornsantool 
Vanridee Pongsittisak 
Suvimon Techasupinan 
Weerachai Yaigwawong
AppearanceChutimon Chuengcharoensukying 
Chanon Santinatornkul 
Teeradon Supapunpinyo 
Eisaya Hosuwan
musicsHualumpong Riddim
Vichaya Vatanasapt
ReleaseThailand Thursday, May 3, 
2017 Singapore June 8, 
2017 United States of America June 30, 
2017 Cambodia July 13, 
2017 Hong Kong 2017 August 17, 
People’s Republic of China October 13, 2017 
Japan September 2018 From day to day at any time
Country of creationThailand
distributionGDH 559 Company Limited

Film “Bad Genius” impression

“Bad Genius” falls into the classification of thriller movies because it has dropped the method to fuel tension and anxiety to the audience .

Anyway this is “funny”.

“Cheat” Everyone has done it once! What? It is also a socialistic youth movie that brought “cunning” under test and educational society as a theme.

There is a 1980 French movie titled “The cheat IQ = 0” in the work of a cheat theme that I quickly recall. 
This is a comedy movie “Bud genius” and the way of expression is totally different.

Among the secondary schools, the beautiful girl Lynn, who has genius brains, is a key to cheating and it is thrilling and dangerous scent that makes massive group cheating run across the world. 
I think that it was amazing that I finished the entertainment so far that “Sekoi” originally called “cheating”.

From the movie “Bad Genius” 
Lynn (9 head model)

It is worth just to watch the performance of nine girls’ chutimon · john jar run suk jin who plays phosphorus. 
For acting first challenge, I am acting well and show a lot of attractive facial expressions and expressions.

It is the coolest and coolest movie.

While also mentioning the excellence of the brains of the hero Rin, the scene that makes “cheat” is the highest with a feeling of tension.

Because of a movie that tickles the sense of tranquility, I am also in my mind thinking “It’s useless!”, “What’s going on with this pinch?” “How do you get through!” 
I will cheer for them.

One scene of a trailer video from the movie "Bad Genius (Bad Genius)"
A cheat scene of a trailer video from the movie “Bad Genius”

For example, in the trainings video about 20 seconds and Rin and Grace (Eisaya Hosuwan) cheat scene, the first pinch comes immediately. 
It was good to slide the answer written in the eraser until I handed the shoes on, but the phosphorus of one foot barefoot would be found pinch by the examiner. 
However, Rin clears this pinch without difficulty without difficulty with a momentary move.

Because this is the opening stage of the movie, this level of pinching is still the beginning. 
Music also excites a sense of tension well.

Every time we repeat the tests, the cheaters’ approach and pinching will become larger in scale.

It may be the biggest place to see if you can pass through and how far you can go through to the end.


Lynn/Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying

It is Lynn, played by Chutimon · John Jalon Sukjin.
Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying plays from the movie “Bad Genius” , Lynn.

Lively minded babe climber girls high school girl Lynn. 
Rotation of the head quickly goes through a number of pinch. 
While cheating on cheating, he says something like that and creates a cheat method that will not lead and will try to pass many students to pass.

It is also a model, the nine-player style is outstanding. Her performance which won the acceptance from 100 auditions of 2 times is also an amazing thing.

  • Nickname Aokbab (Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying)
  • Birth date Born February 2, 1996
  • Occupation model · actor (now work is an actor debut work)
  • Instagram

Bank/Chanon Santinatornkul

Chunnon · Santina Tonkun plays, Bank.
From the film “Bad Genius”, 
Chanon Santinatornkul plays, Bank.

Bank of a college student who grew up in poor families. 
He also has an excellent brain of high school. 
Become a rival to compete with Rin for the right to study abroad. 
A serious personality whose head is hard, dislikes dishonesty and is inflexible. 
As a brain owner who is absolutely necessary for Lynn ‘s cheat plan, he is brought in from Rin to become a friend.

 Grace/Eisaya Hosuwan

Grace which Issa ya Horus One plays
Grace played by Eisaya Hosuwan from movie “Bad Genius”

I am Lynn ‘s first friend and I am a best friend Grace. 
Grace’s dream is to be an actress. 
If the score of the test falls below a certain reference point, you will not be able to stand on the stage of your favorite theater, so let’s tell Lynn to study. 
Several problems learned by Lynn appear on the examination day, but “I do not know” appeals to Ping for a pinch. 
Lynn not found successfully cheat to Grace and clear the test. 
My own lady who grew up in a wealthy family talks about cheating to the boyfriend.

Pat / Teeradon Supapunpinyo

Tea Radon · Span Pin Yin acting putt
Teeradon Supapunpinyo acting from Film “Bad Genius” Pat

A rich boy, Grace’s boyfriend. 
I think that I can solve anything if I have money, there is a master of talent. 
Start talking about cheating from Girlfriend’s Grace and start cheat business with Lynn’s brain. 
I am not good at studying, I can help Lynn’s brain many times.


The stage of the climax is the international unified test which went to study in the USA. 
It is the biggest cheat scene in history, holding sweat in hands over 28 minutes!

The thrilling advances the tempo well.

Although it is not a Hollywood movie, there are things that can be linked to it.

Many celebrities have commented on the official website, but I thought comment by game creator Hideo Kojima is the most representative of this movie.

Quoted from: [Movie] Bad Genius – Dangerous geniuses – Sep 22, 2018, Shinjuku Musashino-kan and other national sequential road shows

In the streets it is said that Thai high school student version “Oceans 11” , but the deviation value of the movie is rather “mission impossible” of the cheat version! A young adorable, youthful social school drama told in a human-friendly description expression that can not be conveyed by entertainment work of mark seat type. Even if you do not peep at the movie reviews (cheat), it is no doubt that this work is a perfect score passed .

“Cheating” is a bad thing, it is not to be forgiven.

What is really important in academic society (Thailand and Japan, too) is a movie that makes you look back on it. 
It is not easy to change the disparity due to educational background and the structure of educational society, and can not do anything with the power of the movie. 
Still, I think that this movie tells me that living straight without losing goals and without mingling goals and means .

The absolutely deadly phosphorus from the movie "Bad Genius"
Lynn absolutely dead from the movie “Bad Genius”

According to the movie brochure, Thailand is a strict academic society that is unlikely to be compared with Japan. 
There is already a concept of “failing” in kindergarten, and it seems that cheating is becoming everyday in society as well. 
It was also a work highlighting social problems in Thailand.

That’s it, “It was a movie” Bad Genius “impression / review (it is a thriller movie to fuel cheat tension)”.

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