Movie “Venom” impression review (cute worst Super Viran is cute)


Hello I love movies is Joe (@Joe90738682).

American comics that are not familiar in Japan. 
I have not read MARVEL, DC etc.

I have seen buddham, Ironman, Antman, Doctor Strange, etc. in the movie based on the American comic.

As I was being touched as Twitter’s timeline “absolutely funny” “the most anticipated work of the year” before release, I wonder if I’ll watch it for the time being? I was wearing “Venom” on the first day. 
In Japan, November 2 was the first day of public release.

I thought, “Are you feeling bad?” “I was just fierce?”, I laughed a lot, “Venom” was pretty and it became a fantastic fan.

There was no lies in the word “the most anticipated work of the year”.

I think this is a really interesting work and wants to see it.


Movie “Venom” notice

Movie “Venom” Synopsis

Source : Movie “Venom” | Official Site | Sony Pictures Entertainment

Tianyi reporter Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) discovers and contacts some “worst” things while following the truth of <Life Foundation> that they are killing the dead in human experiments. It was an extraterrestrial life body called <Shinbi Auto>.

By contact with this living organism with intention, Eddie’s body is parasitic and it will hear its voice. “If we become one, we can do anything,” Shinbi Auto will erode Eddie’s body, unite and raise her name as Venom. Venom rashes and eats people mercilessly with its grotesque body. Fear the other party, eyes, lungs, and pancreas … Eat any part of the body.

While Eddie feels a sense of crisis that he can not control himself, he gradually fascinates himself with that power.

directed byRuben butcher
ScreenplayScott Rosenberg
Jeff Pinkner
Kelly Marcel
Original workTodd McFarlane
David Michelinie
ProductionAvi Arad
Matt Tolmach
Amy Pascal
Visual Effect SupervisorPaul Franklin
PerformerTom Hardy
Michelle Williams
Rice Ahmed
musicsLudwig Göransson
distributionSony Pictures Entertainment

Impression of movie “Venom”

Tom Hardy and Venom
talks to Eddie (Tom Hardy) from movie “Venom” Scene
distribution: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Before watching a movie, it was “grotesque” and I had an impression.

In fact, there is not much grocery.

Fun, exhilaration, humor is felt, dark action hero was like fun and fun.

Main characters Eddie Brock and Venom

The main character Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is a journalist full of justice.
However, it is not planning, it only takes actions that you do not think about in the future, you are chased by your job and bothering your lover Anne Hathaway (Michelle Williams).

It is a useless guy, but it is stolen from the action of straight Eddie.

After having such Eddie, it is parasitic to the extraterrestrial life body called <Shinbi Auto>, but this is unpleasant again.

It’s that liquid monster that appears in the trailer.

The individual name of that <Shinbi Auto> is “Venom”.

distributed to Venom from movie “Venom” Distribution: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Venom’s position

The first half of the movie is the story of “Eddie Brock” and “Life Foundation”.

What kind of person is Eddie and why did you participate in “Life Foundation”?
In addition, we introduce a company called “Life Foundation” at the same time and show the dangerous thought of Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), the top of the “Life Foundation”.

Human drama will be developed as the first half draws hints, but the development after Eddie is infested with Venom will be more interesting as the tempo improves.

Venom’s ability takes precedence when Eddie infested with Venom is compromised.
Eddie is fighting with the parasitic Venom, car chasing in San Francisco by motorcycle, how to fight unique Venom, how to escape is very novel and cool.
And Venom himself talks to Eddie (gist of tales) content, etc. has humanity and is getting fucked up.

Two people you just met? (One person and one animal, if you say one animal, Venom seems to be eaten).
Eddie is unaware of the situation and half panic.
However, the parasitic Venom knows all the circumstances and gives precise action and advice.
Eddie caught in a pinch and panicked and he cried a word “Somehow!”, I was silly upset to Venom that managed somehow.
To such a work of Venom I shouted unexpectedly in my mind that “Venom you are excellent”.
Eddie who entrusts everything to a newly-known parasite is also cute.
Even for Venom, I care about Eddie’s body and give clues to maddening Edulie is cute.

There is such a meaning when being told that “Venom cute” “I want to keep” with Twitter or something like that.

By the way, Venom seems to be Super Vilan (appearing in the beginning of 1988) appearing in the Spider-Man of the MARVEL Comics, but it seems to be popular enough to compete for the 1st and 2nd in Super Vilan.

I saw “Venom” once, but since it was interesting, I wonder if I could go to see once more.

Anyway, he liked “Venom” which can talk much and read the mind of people, so I ordered a translated MARVERL comic at Amazon.

It is my first American comic fun to be born.


Eddie Brock/Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy
Distributed by Tom Hardy from the movie “Venom” Distribution: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Journalist full of justice, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy).
The feeling of justice is strong but the clumsy behaviors that are clumsy and unexpected are defects in the ball.
It was good until I grabbed evidence of a bad rumor of the leading company “Life Foundation” ….

It is parasitic on the extraterrestrial life body “Shinbi Auto”, and he will call on “Venom”.

  • Tom Hardy
  • Birthday September 15, 1977
  • Nationality UK
  • Major film appearances
    • Dunkirk (2017) / Falia role
    • Mad Max: Fury Road ((2015) / 21st Broadcast Film Critics Association Award Best Actor Award Action Movie Section · London Film Critics Association Awards Actor Award / Max Rocatansski
    • The Dark Knight Rises (2012) / Super villainbane

Anne Weying/Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams plays from the movie “Venom” , Anne Hathaway
Distribution: Sony Pictures Entertainment

An understander of Eddie Brock and a lover Anne Hathaway (Michelle Williams).
Lawyers are living.

It is caught up in behind-the-scenes actions that Eddie does not think.

  • Michelle Williams
  • Birth date September 9, 1980
  • Place of birth Kalispell, Montana
  • Nationality United States
  • Major film appearances
    • All the Money in the World (2017) / Golden Globe Award Best Actress Award Nomination / Abigail Harris
    • Manchester by the Sea (2016) / Academy Supporting Actress Award Nomination · National Film Critics Association Award Assistant Actress Award · New York Film Critics Association Award Assistant Actress Award / Randy Chandler
    • Blue Valentine (2010) / Academy’s Best Actress Nomination, Producer General / Cindy Perriera

Carlton Drake / Rice Ahmed

Rice Ahmed
Riz Ahmed plays from the movie “Venom” , Carlton Drake
Distribution: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Carlton Drake, the man who built the leading company “Life Foundation” in his generation.
However, Eddie is pursuing the truth of the black rumor that it is putting dead in human experiments.

  • Rice Ahmed
  • Birth date December 1, 1982
  • Birth place England Wembley
  • Major film appearances
    • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) / Bodie Look (Former Imperial Force Officer with Excellent Shipping Technology)


As soon as it is published, it will be spoiled if you write too much detail, so the blog will end here.

Whether it was good to have watched a movie without much expectation without any prior knowledge, it was very interesting.

America’s VFX is amazing.

Venom is all played in CG and Eddie Brock ‘s acting Tom Hardy is playing two motions of myself and Venom, but I was impressed with the act of playing his body with no sense of incongruity .

More, it was a movie that makes me want to see the story of Eddie Brock and Venom.

Please let me finish until end telop is over.
Two special images flow.

That is, “Movie” Venom “impression / review (cute worst super villan is cute)”.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

It wasJoe (@Joe90738682).

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