Movie “Death Wish (2018)” impression (starring Bruce Willis)


Hello I love movies is Joe (@Joe90738682).

I watched a movie “Death Wish”. 
(Remake work by Death Wish in 1974. Charles Bronson starring, Michael Winner directed by New York City, New York State)

I have not seen much of Bruce Willis’ movies, but I’ve watched it because it often flows on “SNS timeline” with “very funny” “Bruce Willis highest”.

The stage of this movie will be in Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
It is the area where the most violent crime is occurring in the three largest cities of America.

Source : FBI’s Violent Crime Statistics For Every City In America FBI Violent Crime Statistics for
All Cities in the US

Article on October 22, 2015 at 5 PM

How do the country’s largest cities compare? Of America’s three biggest cities, Chicago had the highest violent crime rate at 884.26 violent crimes per capita. New York City had a rate of 596.7 and Los Angeles had a rate of 490.71.

Among the three largest cities in the United States, the most violent crime rate in Chicago was 884.26, with 884.26 violent crime per capita. New York City was 596.7, Los Angeles was 490.71.


Chicago had a murder rate of 15.09, New York had a rate of 3.93 and Los Angeles had a rate of 6.66 (well, 6.65511 if you don’t round to the nearest hundredth).

The murder rate in Chicago was 15.09, the death rate in New York was 3.93, and the mortality rate in Los Angeles was 6.66.

The more crime of the United States, especially Chicago is a problem, the more such statistical data are readily available on the Internet, it is not just a story in the movie.

It is a movie involving an American gun society, a high incidence of serious crime, and an SNS society.


Movie “Death Wish” notice

Movie “Death Wish” Synopsis

Source: Movie “Death Wish” official site (JAPAN)

From surgeon to executor —-. 
Hard, revenge and action that revenge of man who lost family accelerates!!

Paul Kersey, a surgeon looking into emergency patients in Chicago who became an uncontrollable crime city by the police. One day, someone raided a family. My wife is killed and my daughter is in a coma. Amidst disappointment, I begin to feel doubts about the position of a doctor who is a good citizen who dies and needs to save the life of a bad person in the course of my days. And police investigation that crime is overflowing and it does not progress all the way. Paul who reached the summit of anger in this situation starts to pull out to the dangerous town by himself with his gun in hand and destroying the criminal. Do not ask questions for the bad guys. It will transform into a savior called “death gods” to wipe out the evil of the city as a result of revenge ─. A man’s hard revenge action that turns a turn from a surgeon to a executor now opens the curtain! !

directed byEli Roth
ScreenplayJoe Carnahan
Original workBrian Francis Wynne Garfield
ProductionRoger Birnbaum
AppearanceBruce Willis
Vincent D’Onofrio
Elisabeth Shue
Dean Norris
Kimberly Elise
musicsLudwig Göransson
distributionMetro · Goldwyn Mayer
Country of creationAmerica
ReleaseUnited States (March 2018) 
Japan (October 2018)

The movie “Death Wish” impression

For Americans, I think that social problems such as “crime, gun, SNS” that is familiar are brought into the movie successfully using Bruce Willis.

As shown in the statistical data at the beginning, we can see that the crime incidence rate and the murder case incidence rate in Chicago are very high and dangerous towns.

The content I wanted most to mention in this movie is “Chicago is a dangerous town”, “Police are unreliable”, “Vigilantarians are necessary”, “I think my own body was protected by myself” I think.

This was well communicated and it was beautifully summarized. 
It is a well-made movie.

However, as I usually write articles to convey the appeal and entertainment as a movie, this work has few things to be conveyed to me.

It may be a matter of preference.


Cardie family
A happy moment of the Kersey family from the movie “Death Wish” . This episode was drawn firmly. 
My daughter is in coma and my wife dies. The center played his wife role Elisabeth Shue. The role of Jennifer of Back to the Future 2, 3 is famous.

As the setting is an amateur surgeon, I study gun handling at movie sites such as YouTube and practice shooting, but how to fight is an amateur.

Battle Willis is fresh, is not it?

I think that the scene that treats a gun as an amateur and chases off a criminal was drawn as cool as it was.


Dean Norris、Kimberly Elise
Dean Norris from the left from the film “Death Wish”, Kimberly Elise from Jackson

Two detectives will follow the Karzi family incident, but maybe it was better to have a better role. 
Because there were not many of them because there were plentiful turns.

Vincent D'Onofrio
Frank Kersey (Vincent D’Onofrio) of Paul Kersey is the older brother of Paul (Bruce Willis) from the movie “Death Wish” .

Frank’s turn is ambiguous, I think that it became more interesting as a movie if it makes Paul feel the guilt consciousness.

The main character Dr Paul Kersey

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis
Paul Kersey played by Bruce Willis from the movie “Death Wish” . 
Called with “Shinigami” and SNS

Paul Kersey, a top-notch surgeon and three families living a happy home. 
Working well with wealthy white men, they ride in luxury cars and live in a house.

Family members are happy to be happy and the happiness of the family is destroyed by robbery who came into the house during his absence while culminating. 
By chance, you get a handgun, from which the story as his “death god” begins.

  • Name Bruce Willis
  • Birth date Born March 19, 1955
  • Place of birth West Germany 
    Rhineland-Palatinate State Birkenfeld County Idah-Oberstein
  • Nationality United States
  • Major casting works
    • Die Hard Series (1988, 1990, 1995, 2007, 2011) / role of John McLean
    • The Sixth Sense (1999) / Dr. Malcolm Crow
    • The Fifth Element (1997) / role of Coven Dallas


The story of a man “Solving all problems with a gun.” 
I think that it was an effective movie as a sales movie of “gun”, not as entertainment movie.

Because Bruce Willis is out, Bruce Willis fans may well watch.

In my way of thinking about how to enjoy movies “I do not mind small things” is in my way of thinking, but this movie was unfortunately too small to concentrate on and could not watch.

“It’s a movie, so this degree is good” was a setting that does not pass. 
Was it a little disappointing? 
It depends on your country.

Dai · Hard 1’s Bruce Willis is the coolest w

That is, “The movie” Death Wish (2018) “impression (starring Bruce Willis) was.

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