Impressions and reviews of the movie Wind River (a story based on a true story depicting the darkness of American society)


The 2017 Wind River movie is released in the United States in 2017 (released in Japan in 2018).

Directed by Taylor Sheridan, he is directed and scripted at the same time.
Taylor Sheridan’s script is excellent in suspense and violence, as you can see from Borderline and Borderline: Soldiers Day.

The suspense and violence depiction of the movie “Wind River” to be introduced this time is the finish as expected.

At the beginning of the movie Wind River, the word “INSPIRED BY ACTUAL EVENTS” is used.

“INSPIRED BY ACTUAL EVENTS” means “inspired by actual events”
I wonder what taylor sheridan, the director and screenwriter, inspired and made the movie Wind River.

To sum the conclusion, Taylor Sheridan was inspired by the fact that there is no statistical investigation into the disappearance of A Native American women in the United States and remains unsolved.

This is my interpretation, but considering the following incidents on WikiPedia, I think that the incident at the time had a significant impact on the director’s idea of filmmaking.

Source: WikiPedia from The Wind River Indian Settlement, “Crime and Media Depiction in The Settlement”

In 2009, three young Native American girls, aged 13, 14 and 15, were killed in the settlement.They were found in the bedroom of a small house in Beaver Creek, a low-income tribal housing community. He overdosed on methadone, a painkiller used as a treatment for heroin addicts. But no one knows how they received the painkillers, so the coroner ruled their deaths to be murder.The police in the settlement were so poor that the FBI became the chief investigator of the murder. It’s like six police officers patrolling an area as big as Rhode Island.Eventually, two boys in their 10s were arrested for allegedly related to the girl’s death.

At the very end of the movie, the following subtitles are posted.

While missing person statistics are compiled for every other demographic, none exist for Native American women.
Missing personstatistics are summarized for all other demographics, but not about Native American women.

No one knows how many are missing.
No one knows how many missing persons are missing.


Two things to know before watching the movie Wind River

What is a settlement?

In the movie Wind River, the real Wind River Indian Reservation is set.

A settlement is a land of Indian (Native American) tribes under the control of the Indian Administration of the United States Department of The United States.
The settlement is a land where autonomy is as strong as the state, and it is difficult to enter the INVESTIGATION of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
The Wind River settlement is well over 9,000km2, twice as large as my local Ishikawa prefecture (seventh in the settlement).

Why are there so many unsolved cases?

The body of a Native American girl is found in a mountainous area closed in deep snow.
In the film, the coroner concludes that the cause of death was ‘pulmonary hemorrhage’, which inhaled extreme cold air and ruptured the alveolar.
The cause of death alone cannot lead to another death.
If you can’t tie it to another killing, you won’t be able to call the FBI investigation team, and you’ll be investigating only the Indian Administration.
Elizabeth Olsen, a rookie FBI agent who rushed to the initial investigation, wants to link the cause of death to other deaths and call the appropriate INVESTIGATION team.
However, the BIA coroner can’t prove another killing in the circumstances of the corpse, and the other can’t be killed.
FBI Agent Jane said that if the BIA-only investigation failed to prove any other killings, “we’re covering this large area with only six people.I can’t solve the case.I issue a warning.

As a result, the film will begin an investigation with only six BIA and FBI investigators.
The team will be joined by Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner), the first white hunter of the victim girl.

Agent Jane can’t call the FBI team.
Hunter Cory discovers his daughter’s best friend as a victim of rape crimes.

The two men investigate the vast mountainous areas covered in snow with each heartlessness and anger in their hearts.

If only a few BIA investigates vast land, unsolved cases can occur frequently.

In addition, in the movie “Wind River”, we find out the facts of the surprise.

Movie Wind River Trailer

From youTube@ KADOKAWA Movie Official Channel

Movie Wind River Synopsis

From the official website of the movie “Wind River”

Why are only girls killed in this land?
The Wind River is a Native American reservation in the Midwest and Wyoming.
The body of a Native American girl was found in a mountainous area closed in deep snow.
Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner), a white hunter from the Wildlife Service who became the first discoverer, is heartbroken to learn that the girl who froze with blood spit is natalie (Kelsey Asville), a close friend of her daughter Emily.

Cory, along with tribal police chief Ben (Graham Greene), waited for the FBI’s arrival, but was hit by a blizzard of poor visibility, and only new female investigator Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen) came far behind schedule.
Jane, who was guided to the scene of the discovery of the body, was surprised at the situation that was too mysterious.
There was no private house within five kilometers of the site, and Natalie was barefoot in thin clothes for some reason.
The temperature the night before was about minus 30 degrees.Why did Natalie run through the snowfields and hold her breath away while inhaling the extreme cold air that caused her lungs to freeze and burst?

The coroner’s autopsy results reveal that Natalie had been assaulted by someone before her birth.
It is clear that she died while on the run from the criminal, and the case as a murder case is sufficient.
However, the direct cause of death is pulmonary hemorrhage to the end, and it is not possible to certify it as another kill forensically.
As a result, Jane, who was unable to call the FBI’s professional team, was forced to continue the investigation on her own, and asked Cory, who was familiar with wind river geography and circumstances, to cooperate with the investigation.

Omitted below

Basic information on the movie Wind River

  • Director Taylor Sheridan
  • Screenplay Taylor Sheridan
  • Production
    • Basil Ivanik
    • Peter Berg
    • Matthew George
    • Wayne L. Rogers
    • Elizabeth A. Bell
  • Photography Ben Richardson
  • Art Neil Spisak
  • Costume Cali Perkins
  • Editing By Gary Roach
  • Music
    • Nick Cave
    • Warren Ellis
  • Year of publication
    • United States August 4, 2017
    • Japan July 27, 2018
  • Running time 107 minutes
  • Copyright Copyright Copyright (C) 2016 Wind River Productions, LLC All Rights Reserved.

Impressions and reviews of the movie Wind River

A heart that cannot be saved even in the case resolution

Even if the case is solved, the heart of the victim’s family is not saved.
It’s a sad movie.

It is a sad movie, but as I mentioned at the beginning of the blog, it is a work that begins to burn the dark part of the United States based on the true story in a red- and open.
In the case of sexual damage, caught up in the disappearance case, even if the life is lost, the Native American woman does not appear in the statistical investigation, and a lot of unsolved cases are left.

The film is portrayed as a BIA that is not cooperative with the FBI, but it may have to do with emotional issues, institutional constraints, or historical backgrounds.
I don’t know what emotions, institutions, and historical causes are going to be.

Two protagonists

Starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen.
Jeremy Renner plays Cory Lambert, a white hunter at the Wildlife Service, but there’s little time to watch the film.
But without his presence, this movie would not work.
He was the victim’s first discoverer and said that his daughter was the victim’s best friend.
Corey Lambert’s position was a very important setting for representing The Corrie’s principle of action.

And jane banner, a rookie agent for the FBI, played by Elizabeth Olsen.
An unreliable young agent who happened to be near the scene and was called to the first investigation.
She has no sense of land, and almost no authority in the Wind River reservation.
In such a situation, FBI Agent Jane asks Cory to cooperate with the investigation.

So, will Cory and Agent Jane act together?Such a scene is unexpectedly few when saying.
But i’m sure Cory will show up where Jane is headed.
It is connected by the place of ‘Case resolution’ in the head though it is a person who does not leave without leaving.
As a result, we could contribute to the resolution of the case together, even if the means were different.

The two of us played the best.
Jeremy Renner, who played Cory, was able to see the performance of his anger and grief in the video.
Elizabeth Olsen, who played Agent Jane, was very supportive and cute as she struggled to support her sense of justice and duty in a place with few allies.

FBI Agent Jane is bound by the rules, but he acts.
The figure would have been unreliable for Corrie.
And the sight of Cory acting unbound by the rules may have been an eyesore for Agent Jane.
However, there was an episode in which Agent Jane learned of the real nature of Cory’s being involved in the case.
In that episode, there was a strong sense of trust between the two of them, and that scene came with a jerk.
I also think that agent Jane saw the darkness of the Wind River settlement, which cannot be measured by the measure of the investigation rules at that time.
And when Cory learned that he was one of the victims’ families in the darkness, Agent Jane was swallowed up by tears of regret as she learned of his inadequacy.
It was a very impressive scene.

Hot Movies

A vast mountainous area covered with thick snow.
The Wind River settlement where the snow falling swallows all the sounds and traces of the incident.
The natives who do not say much.
And, the unsolved event continues, and the magic that the land has.

It’s a very quiet film, but I think Jane and Hunter’s Collie had a very hot heart.

And, a hot heart was transmitted from the appearance that the victim’s family also tried to live positively.

It is a very recommended movie.

Look back at the cast of the movie Wind River

Wildlife Service hunter Corey Lambert (Jeremy Renner)

Cory Lambert, played by Jeremy Renner from the movie Wind River

Cory Lambert Copyr
ight (C) 2016 Wind River Prod
uctions, LLC All Rights Reserved, played by Jeremy Renner from the movie Wind River.

Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner), a white hunter at the Wildlife Service.

  • Jeremy Renner
  • Birth date January 7, 1971
  • Birthplace California, United States
  • Major films
    • Avengers: Endgame (Avengers / End Game 2019) / Clint Burton (Hawkeye)
    • Wind River / 2017 / Starring Corey Lambert
    • Arrival (Message 2016) / Ian Donnelly
    • Captain America: Civil War (Civil War/ Captain America 2016) / Clint Burton (Hawkeye)
    • Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (Mission: Impossible/ Rogue Nation 2015) / William Brandt

FBI Agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen)

Jane Banner, played by Elizabeth Olsen from the movie Wind River

FBI Agent Jane Bann
er Copyright (C) played by Elizabeth
Olsen from the movie Wind River, 2016 Wind River Productions, LLC All Rights Reserved.

Jane Banner, a rookie FBI agent who happened to be in the area closest to the site where the body was found, rushed to the initial investigation.

  • Elizabeth Olsen
  • Birth date February 16, 1989
  • Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Major films
    • Avengers: Endgame (Avengers / End Game 2019) / Wanda Maximov (Scarlet Witch)
    • Avengers: Infinity War (Avengers/ Infinity War 2018) / Wanda Maximov (Scarlet Witch)
    • Wind River / 2017 / Starring Jane Banner
    • Captain America: Civil War (Civil War/ Captain America 2016) / Wanda Maximov (Scarlet Witch)

Tribal Police Chief Ben (Graham Greene)

Right from the movie Wind River: Ben, tribal police chief, played by Graham Greene

Right from the movie
Wind River: Tribal Police Chief B
en Copyright (C), played by Graham Greene, 2016 Wind River Productions, LLC All Rights Reserved.

Tribal Police Chief Ben has a small number of words, but he always acts with Jane.
There is a presence casually.

Personally, I was my favorite police officer.

  • Graham Greene
  • Birth date June 22, 1952
  • Birthplace Ontario, Canada
  • Major films
    • Wind River / 2017 / Tribal Police Chief Ben

At last

I’m telling you everything, so i don’t have much to put together at the end.

As I explained at the beginning of the blog post, the case is solved but no one is saved, such a movie.

However, it might be a first class article as a mystery work.

It’s very impressive, and the two starring actors are really cool.

It’s one of the new lookes of Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen, not shown in the Avengers.

And even if you can’t fill the hole in your heart, you have to keep what’s left.
It was a movie that gave courage to such grief.

Because it is a good work, the person who does not appreciate it is a work that I want you to see by all means.

Above, it was “The movie “Wind River” impression and review (a story based on a true story depicting the darkness of American society)

Thank you for reading to the end.