Impressions / Review of the movie “Patterson”


Film “Patterson” (Paterson)
69th Cannes International Film Festival Competition Category
Director, Screenwriter Jim Jarmusch
Starring: Adam Driver

Adam Driver, who plays the protagonist Patterson, became famous by starring Cairo Len (Ben Solo) who fell to the dark side in Star Wars EP 7,8,9.
Gorshifte Farahani, who plays Latter as Patterson’s wife
, starred in a strong female character in “Tyler Lake” (published on April 24, 2020, worldwide) , which recently won Netflix’s highest number of viewing households in history. I played.

Adam Driver and Golsifte Farahani are famous actors of the acting school.

And Nelly, who plays the two dogs Marvin, won the Palm Dock Award at the 69th International Cannes Film Festival.

It is a quiet drama of daily life played by talented actors and famous dogs.

The images are beautiful, and the scenes created by the poets expressing them are also beautiful.

And a heartwarming movie that gives kindness and courage.


Movie “Patterson” Trailer

Buster Patterson (Adam Driver), who lives in Patterson, NJ.
His day begins in the morning with a kiss to his wife, Laura (Gorsifte Farahani), who sleeps next door.
As I go to work as I usually do, I write down the poetry that engenders in my mind in a secret notebook as I work.
I went home, had dinner with my wife, and took an evening walk with my dog ​​Marvin. Stop at the bar, have a drink and go home to sleep next to Laura.
Such seemingly everyday. But-
A seven-day story full of humor and tenderness, depicting the days of Patterson with unique people and unexpected encounters.

Basic information on the movie “Patterson”

  • Original title: Paterson
  • Japanese title: Patterson
  • Director / Screenplay: Jim Jarmush
  • Art: Mark Friedberg
  • Costume: Catherine George
  • Sound: Robert Hein
  • Photographer: Frederick Elms
  • producer:
    • Joshua Astrakhan
    • Carter Logan
  • executive producer
    • Daniel Bower
    • Ronald Bosman
      Jean Labadi
    • Oliver Simon
  • Screening time 1 hour 57 minutes
  • Copyright (C) 2016 Inkjet Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Comments on the movie “Patterson”

Pictures of the cityscape of Patterson, New Jersey are beautiful.

Gentle performance of actors including Adam Driver.
And the dog Nelly has a good taste.

The film was very warm and kind, and at the end it was a movie that gave me courage.

Personally I particularly like suspense, horror, action and science fiction movies, but I also like movies that focus on the daily lives of people like the movie Patterson.

When I saw this “Patterson”, I immediately remembered “Lucky (2017)”, which was the last work of John Carroll Lynch and supporting role Harry Dean Stanton.

“Patterson” and “Lucky” have similar scents.

Both works will tell you that “true happiness may be in the immediate vicinity”.

It will give you a lot of courage if you watch it when there is a slight gap in the gap.

It’s a very heartwarming work.

The screening time is 1 hour and 57 minutes, which is a long time for everyday movies, but it does not make you tired.
You may want to watch it when you want to relax a little.

The funny characters of the movie “Patterson”

Adam Driver (Patterson)

Patterson played by Adam Driver from the movie "Patterson"
(C) 2016 Inkjet Inc. All Rights Reserved. Played by Adam Driver from the movie “Patterson” .

Municipal bus driver Patterson.
I am quiet and do not complain, and always spend my time at my own pace.
She loves her Lola, is loyal to her work, has a dog walk every day, and goes to the bar every night.
He is also a poet who loves to write and read poetry.

  • Adam Driver
  • Birth date November 19, 1983
  • Place of birth California, United States
  • Major movie appearances
    • Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (EP9 Skywalker Dawn, 2019) / Cairo Len
    • Marriage Story / Charlie Barber
    • BlacKkKlansman (Black Clansman, 2018) / Detective Philip “Flip” Zimmerman / Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor / Golden Globe Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actor / British Academy Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actor
    • Star Wars: The Last Jedi (EP8 Last Jedi, 2017) / Cairo Len
    • Paterson (2016) / Starring Patterson / Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor
    • Star Wars: The Force Awakens (EP7 Force Awakening, 2015) / Cairo Ren
    • Hungry Hearts (Hungry Hearts 2014) / Jude / Winner of the Venice International Film Festival Actor Award

Gorshifte Farahani (Laura)

Laura played by Gorshifte Farahani from the movie "Patterson"
(C) 2016 Inkjet Inc. All Rights Reserved. Gorshifte Farahani plays from the movie “Patterson” .

Paterson’s wife Laura.
She also beat Patterson and was at her own pace.
However, if Patterson has a “quiet” pace, Laura has a “moving” pace.
Living everyday with artistic skin.

  • Golshifteh Farahani
  • Birth date July 10, 1983
  • Birthplace Tehran, Iran
  • Major movie appearances
    • Extraction (Tyler Lake-Recapture of Life-2020) / Nik Khan
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales / Haifa Meni
    • Paterson (2016) / role of Laura

Barry Shabaka Henry (Doc)

Doc played by Barry Shabaka Henry from the movie "Patterson"
(C) 2016 Inkjet Inc. All Rights Reserved. Played by Barry Shabaka Henry from the movie “Patterson” .

Bartender Doc of the bar where Patterson goes.
I love bars, customers and chess.

  • Barry Shabaka Henley
  • Birth date September 15, 1954
  • Birthplace Louisiana, United States
  • Major movie appearances
    • Lucky (2017) / Joe
    • Paterson (2016) / Doc
    • Miami Vice (Miami Vice, 2006) / Martin Castello

Nelly (Marvin)

Marvin played by Nelly from the movie "Patterson"
(C) 2016 Inkjet Inc. All Rights Reserved , played by Nelly from the movie “Patterson” .

Marvin, a female dog of English Bulldog.
A clever dog who goes out for a walk with Patterson every night and waits quietly while he’s in the bar.

[About Nelly]

  • Meet Broadway Animal Trainers 10 Months Old
  • Discovered that Nelly had cancer while shooting the movie “Patterson”
  • The movie “Patterson” will be filmed by adjusting the schedule according to Nelly’s physical condition
  • Winner of the Palm Dock Award at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, but unfortunately Nelly passed away

I think he was one of the performers who performed the best.

Movie “Patterson” Summary

The movie begins on Monday morning with bus driver Patterson (Adam Driver) and ends a week later on Monday morning.

Patterson is a good listener, caring for others and healing the heart of what he sees in his everyday life.

I just describe the everyday life of Patterson: work, wife, dog, bar.

But the same day doesn’t come as one.

This movie is just beautiful.

It is a story that is spelled out in beautiful images and poetry, and tells us that there is always something that shines in it even in casual everyday life.
Every day, Patterson’s eyes were shining brightly.
Is it because Patterson is a poet?

Patterson found everyday light through “poetry,” but his wife, Laura, also found light from everyday life and lived every day.
She is not a poet.
Even so, I was as excited as Patterson every day because I was as curious and sensitive as Patterson.

If everyone raises their curiosity and sensitivity in their hearts, they will see the light in their daily lives that they normally cannot see.
Such beauty is expressed in movies.The pure white pages for poetry give us new and unlimited possibilities.It’s a movie that gives you courage at the end, where you’ll want to focus on the infinite possibilities of it, rather than fall in front of your suffering and sadness.That is the end of the “Movie” Patterson “review / review (a movie that features universal love and happiness and makes you feel the infinite possibilities of beauty / starring Adam Driver)”.Until the end Thank you for reading.