【Comment】 Movie “Antman & Wasp” Amazing fact! Hope that the role of Wasp role is also released


Hello I love movies is Joe (@Joe90738682).

Actually, I was not interested in “Antman” itself, I thought , “Small hero? What is it? Dassa!”

But, since the reputation of “Antman & Wasp” is good, I tried to watch it in Hulu at the beginning of this month “Antman (2015)” at the beginning.

Then the concept of a comedy hero that has never existed was laughing and became a fan with a single shot.

“I do not like to eat” I really hate “I hate to see”.

So, it has been more than a week since it was released, but since I went to the theater and watched the movie “Antman & Wasp”, I will introduce the movie & review.


Introduction Review of the Anthan Series

Anthan (2015) First Series

Anthan (2015)
ANT-MAN (2015) (Michael Douglas from the left, Paul Rudd, Evangelin Lilly)

Roughly speaking, the story of the birth of Antoman.

Scott Lang (Paul · Ladd) on the way back from prison steals stealing from a prison into a mansion with a close friend, Lewis.
However, this stealing was a trap charged by Dr. Hank Pim (Michael Douglas) in anticipation of Scott’s stealing skills.

Scott Lang, who was supposed to help Dr. Hank Pim (Michael Douglas) who developed Antuman’s suit (Body Reduction Technique), was helping him.

Dr. Pim’s former apprentice Darren Cross (Collie Stall) who thinks to sell the yellow jacket to the weapons merchant, using the research results of the body contraction technique left by Dr. Pim 
Dr. Pim who was afraid of military use of his own research is a rough synopsis of the main story, trying to destroy the technical information of the ex-disciple and to take the prototype jacket.

Scott is stuffed sweetly because it has strong sense of justice, okay. 
Since fighting sense is originally zero , we will receive guidance of female skill and skill required for Antoman in Pim’s daughter Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline / Lily).

There was a long time ago a superhero who made efforts to strengthen by getting fighting skills at a place on a way back from prison.
It is “Batman Begins (2005)”.
I also personally felt Batman’s homage.

Civil War / Captain America (2016)

Captain America: Civil War
Captain America: Civil War

Although I have not seen the Avengers movie, I went all the way saying that the episode between “Antman (2015)” and “Antman & Wasp (2018)” is drawn in this movie.

Although it is a movie “Civil War / Captain America”, it is a movie with a heavy theme of Avengers’ survival significance. 
The more the Avengers work for world peace, the more people suffer from being suffering behind the disturbance.
Hence heroes who conflict with disagreement within Avengers because they put Avengers under the supervision of the United Nations, but do not enter.

The assassination was carried out in the UN signing ceremony in Vienna, and the Avengers trying to catch the first suspect as instructed by the United Nations and the Avengers who knows the back circumstances and tries to escape the first suspect are brought into collision .
The Avengers will divide internally into two parts.

Sam Wilson / Falcon (Anthony McKee) who confronted Antuman in “Antman (2015)” secretly invites Antman to Germany secretly.

I was worried about how a comical hero Antoman is involved in a serious Avengers movie, but I wonder how it used to be in the second half of the movie! What?

I understood well why it was such a thing at the beginning of “Antman & Wasp”.

Movie “Antman & Wasp”


Scott Lang is grappling with the consequences of his choices as both a superhero and a father. Approached by Hope van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym, Lang must once again don the Ant-Man suit and fight alongside the Wasp. The urgent mission soon leads to secret revelations from the past as the dynamic duo finds itself in an epic battle against a powerful new enemy.

directed byPeyton Reed
ScreenplayChris · McKenna (English version) 
Eric · Somers 
Paul · Rudd 
Andrew · Barrel 
· Gabriel · Ferrari
Original workStan · Lee 
Rally · Lieber 
Jack · Kirby
ProductionKevin Fighi 
Stephen Blossard
Executive ProducerLewis · Desposito 
Victoria · Alonso 
Charles · New Worth 
Stan · Lee
ProductionPaul Rudd 
Evangeline Lily 
Michael Peña 
Walton Goggins 
Bobby Canaville 
Griatip · “TI” · Harris 
David · Dust Martian 
Hana · John · Carmen 
Abbey · Ryder · Fortson 
Randall · Park 
Michelle · Pierre 
Lawrence · Fishburne 
Michael Douglas
musicsChristoph Beck

Finished watching “Antman & Wasp”

I am finished in a splendid pleasant entertainment movie.

You can say laughable heroes.


Time series are connected from 1st work, but you can enjoy enough even if you do not know. 
I will tell you about the first work ‘s review in a few minutes so it is safe for those who do not know the previous work.

Well, I think it’s okay if you understand hard physical words well, just listen carefully, it is a small and strong hero, and if you become too small you understand only that it is a nuisance.

Who is the one who has finished watching the first work until the end? 
Is not there an entanglement with the Avengers? 
Wondering what it is. 
Such a person can be convinced if you see “Civil War / Captain America (2016)” introduced above .

This time a small stupid strong hero plays an active part. 
2 people. It is Antuman and Wasp.

And two enemies this time.

An assassin called Ghost through any substance , and weapons merchants. 
In addition, panic totally confused to FBI.

Ghosts are very strong.

Comedy hero Antoman is alive.

I think that those who enjoyed it in the theater are 10 times funny.

“Antman & Wasp” Cast Introduction

Paul Rudd (Scott Lang / Antoman) Appearance / Screenplay

Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd
  • Name Paul Rudd
  • Birth date April 6, 1969
  • Born from America

Paul Rudd who plays Antuman participates in the appearance and screenplay .

Although it is Scott of this work, after all it is Scott and it is losing everything.
Please give me all that he has low learning ability.
Fortunately the inside with my daughter looks good and I have been trusted by my husband, my ex – wife and my wife, but starting from the condition of losing everything else.

I do not know much about Paul Rudd’s active work as a movie other than Antman.
Please introduce if there are recommended works.

Evangeline Lily (Hope Van Dyne / Wasp)

Evangeline - Lily
Evangeline – Lily
  • 名前 Evangeline Lilly
  • Birth date August 3, 1979
  • From Canada

In the previous work, he was in charge of supervision and supervision of Scott.
This time we will be active together as a Wasp role according to the movie title.
I think that I want you to have fun watching the work as well as the active content in the movie.

Although it was Bobcut in the last work, this time the hair grew and became a pony tail.
In writing an introduction article of this movie, I examined the work of Evangeline Lily’s appearance.
Do you remember everyone’s overseas drama “LOST (2004-2010)”?

It is a drama in which an aircraft crashes on a deserted island, and survivors aim for escape from the mysterious island.
The main characters were Jack, Kate, John, Hugo, and so on.
Kate was played by Evangeline Lilly.

I was surprised to see that Kate was LOST when I confirmed the cast when my first work was short hair and I did not notice it.

LOST Evangelin Lily as Kate's role
LOST Evangelin Lily as Kate’s role

I completely forgot about it.

Because it is a character of a different type at all, recalling Kate, it may be interesting to watch a movie.

Hana John Carmen (Ave Star / Ghost)

Hana Jon Carmen
Hana Jon Carmen
  • Name Hannah John-Kamen
  • Birth from England
  • Birth date September 6, 1989
  • Debut 2011

A beautiful mysterious beauty of the deity who has the ability to freely erase the body, the ability to slip through anything and the destructive power of wonder. I normally live as an ordinary female ava.

This time, it is one of the enemies standing in front of Antman.
It is truly tough, it is not hesitant.
There is no blind spot, is not it? It is strong so please be sure to watch it.

He has also appeared in two movies released earlier in the year, “Lady Player 1” directed by Steven Spielberg and “Tomb Raider First Mission” directed by Ronald Eutohug.

The movie debut is from 2015 so it seems to be on sale right now.
I am looking forward to the future.

Walton Goggins (Sony Birch / Weapons merchant)

Walton Goggins
Walton Goggins
  • 名前 Walton Goggins
  • Born from America
  • Birthday November 10, 1971

A weapon dealer dramatic in the black market. Aiming at the research center of Dr. Hank Pim who was hidden “for secret of the birth of Antoman” for money gold.

It is the boss of another weapon merchant who is standing in front of the ant humans.

His play is nice.
I personally like it.

Walton Goggins, but he has appeared in the same movie as Hannah John Carmen, acting as a ghost.
He plays Masaias Vogel becoming the enemy of Lara Croft (Alicia · Vicandel) of “Tomb Raider First Mission”.

It seems to be good at playing a role that stands before the heroes.
As Hanna John = Carmen, the time axis is not aligned in the work, so the two people do not get involved.

Also, currently the simultaneous “The Predator” old work “Predators (2010)” is appearing at the role of Stanz (prisoner), one of the people chased by the predator.

From Tomb Raider First Mission
Walton Goggins playing Masaias Vogel at “Tomb Raider First Mission”


A comedy hero’s movie is nice.

Especially Antmans are loose, I can enjoy it because it is a type that has never existed before.

It is not a perfect hero like the Batman and the Avengers to protect the town and the world, but the hero Antoman who tries to help familiar people is familiar and I like it.

Three stupid thieves come out this time as well.
Their episode is also renewed, so it’s one of the fun points.

Also appeared in the big star Michelle Pfeiffer of the past year (“Scarface (89)”, “Dangerous Relationship (89),” Batman Returns (92) Catwoman ”
with Michael Douglas.

I can not keep an eye out until credit is over again this time.

The above, “【impression】 movie” Antman & Wasp “Amazing fact! Hope that Wasp role played was also released “.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

It was Joe (@Joe90738682).

Well then ~ ♪